We are not the enemy.

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Copied from the JoyFM-

Like you, we’re sitting here utterly heartbroken for the events we’ve seen take place the last 72 hours. As shaky as the ground feels, we remain steadfast in the One who is not (and cannot be) shaken. As your sister in Christ, I guess I’m pleading with you (with myself!) for us all TO PRAY TOGETHER for our country. No, I am not blind to all of the factors that contribute to where we are. The list is long, hard, and polarizing. But the bottom line is this: we all have ONE enemy. And it is NOT each other. Let’s show a watching world the Jesus that we know & love today (better yet, the Jesus that knows and LOVES ALL of us!). Politicized, emotionally charged posts and (on-line) shouting matches will not heal us from the things that are tearing us apart. As scandalous as it sounds, and as many people who will absolutely disagree with me, here’s what I know for sure! …. God is the ONLY one who can bring us (as a people & a country) true & ultimate PEACE, HEALING, & HOPE. -carmen


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