Toilets for days!

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Does anybody else buy used? C and I love checking out our local Repurpose Project for DIY supplies, or just inspiration. 

I’ve always wanted to get in to refinishing furniture; unfortunately, I just don’t have the space to do it. But I always find beautiful old chairs there that I dream of giving new life to. C completely rapes them and always gets wood for a steal.

I wouldn’t say I’m a germaphobe, but I’m really weird about some things. Repurpose Project is one of those things. You can find really interesting things there, but you’ve usually got to dig for them. I think when they changed locations, they loaded their inventory into a truck, dumped it at the new place, and have left it that way ever since. And I don’t like my hands being dirty. I’m pretty sure I wash them and use hand sanitizer more than any human alive. So when I do find a treasure, I am a santizing freak as soon as I put it down.

In addition, there is a very distinct line between junk and trash. Some things just should not be sold used. For example, this makes me sick:

What’s the weirdest or best thing you’ve ever found at a repurpose store?



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