She’s loony I tell you!

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Have I got a story to tell… {And I’m wordy, but I’ll try to keep it as short as possible – Just hold on, you’re going to want to hear this one!} 

I’m from a very small island where everybody is family; either by blood or for all intents and purposes. While at my grandparent’s last night, the police chief walked up in the back yard. I walked out to give him a hug, and in conversation, he asked what I thought about all the excitement last week. He must’ve noticed that I was looking at him like he had five heads, because then he says, “with the car.” I asked what excitement with the car, and he proceeded to tell me the story… Then at the end, he says, “You need to ask Nana and Papa about the car.” So sure enough, I go back inside and immediately ask about the car. Here’s the story (a combination of both versions of the story that I heard):

On 4th of July, Nana and Papa went to a “family” member’s house to pick something up that they were being given. Nana was in her car, Papa was on the golf cart. What they were getting was in the back yard, so Nana hopped on the cart with Papa to ride back there and load it up. Then, they headed home, both still on the cart.

Once home, Papa goes inside to take a nap, and Nana starts on some work in the back yard. About two hours later, Nana happens to glance up front and notices that her car isn’t parked out there. She asks Papa where he moved her car, and he has no idea where it’s at. They both go in to stolen car panic mode. They call the police chief, he sends an officer out and a report is written. It is now in the state database as stolen. Because she had left her purse in the car when she got out at the friend’s house, she thinks it’s been stolen too, and spends the rest of the afternoon on the phone, cancelling all of her credit cards, debit card, medical cards, calls her car insurance company, has her cell phone turned off, etc. Then doesn’t sleep at all that night.

The next morning, the following three things happen at almost exactly the same time:
1) Papa goes to the same place for coffee every morning. While there, one of the guys tells him that there’s a car sitting in front of friend’s house that looks just like Nana’s; he’s almost certain it’s hers.
2) Friend calls Nana asking why her car is sitting in front of her house; she’s trying to leave for work but blocked in.
3) Police chief is leaving the hardware store and gets caught by someone saying they think they’ve found Nana’s car.

Papa leaves the restaurant, goes by the friend’s house, and sure enough, it’s Nana’s car. The keys are still in it, so they get it moved out of the way, and Papa head’s home to pick up Nana. She’s dressed by the time he gets there and is waiting on him to get back so she can go get her car. As they’re leaving, the police chief calls. The first thing Nana says when she answers the phone is, “I’m so sorry!”

I told the police chief, “Now you know Nana’s loony!” He says, “I know, but your Papa forgot too! Usually one of them will remember.”

Nana told Papa and the police chief that their time is up, they’re not allowed to tell the story any more. Apparently she’s been the talk of the town all week.

Thankfully all was okay and her car, purse, and phone weren’t actually stolen. But this was her advice to C and I:

  • Make a copy of your registration. Hers was in the car (where it should be), but when she called her insurance company, the first thing they asked for was the tag number. She had nothing with the number on it.
  • Make copies of the front and back of all your cards. Same thing, when she called to cancel them, they all asked for the account number. Her statements only had the last four digits. In addition, she doesn’t like giving out her SSN over the phone, so she really had to jump through hoops to get the cards cancelled. She says, “at least I can still remember my birthday and the answers to my security questions!”

◊ Disclaimer: Rest assured, I am laughing with my Nana, not at her. She knows she’s a little ditzy.



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