Facebook rehab

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I haven’t completely done away with facebook yet, I haven’t had a chance to get my pictures off of there. But I haven’t done any reading or posting on there. This blog is my new one-and-only, I wouldn’t cheat on you!  😉 

It’s amazing how freeing it is to give it up, and I’m still shocked at how much extra time I’ve had lately. I guess it goes back to that whole, if you want something bad enough, you’ll make it happen. I always complain that I don’t have any time for reading [outside of a textbook]. I guess if I truly wanted to read that bad, I would’ve made the “sacrifice” and given up facebook a long time ago. I’m a wuss. I have plenty of time now though!

But I keep getting that ‘forgetting something’ feeling at the times that I would normally be doing my facebook scroll through. Like after dinner when we settle down to watch a little TV or a movie, what do I do with my hands?? What do normal people do, just sit there and watch the movie? Nothing else? It’s definitely taking some time to get used to. Don’t judge… Facebook corrupted my life for a long time; I’m in rehab. Has anybody else given up on a social media account and had this feeling? Are there patches I can use?? Lol.

I have still been popping on in the morning to read my ‘On This Day’. I think it’s fun reading these, seeing how much has changed, how much I’ve matured, and reading a lot of stories about clumsy things I’ve done. Like I said, I laugh at myself more than anything, and I enjoy experiencing it all over again and laughing at myself all over again.

I’m sure once it’s time to finally pull the trigger and shut her down, I’ll probably copy and post a few things on here – notes and what-not. But for now, this was on my ‘On This Day’ today from 2010. I wrote that it was from a book I was reading and loving, but didn’t put which book. Typical Lauren.

“She hated women like Charlotte, women who thought the only power they had resided between their legs. Taylor knew where her power was- between her ears and strapped to her hip. She’d never felt simpering a necessity to elicit a response from the opposite sex.”

There was also this gem from from 2012:


How true this is. However, my laughter comes post-coffee. You know, once I come to life. And it’s not even 10:00 yet; I’ve still got a lot of coffee to go until I reach the laughing portion of the day.

Have a great Tuesday! Remember, use the power between your ears, not the power between your legs!



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