Friday funday!

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What a crazy week it has been, and there aint no rest for the wicked! Tonight will be busy as well, getting ready for an art show tomorrow for C. If you’re local, come check it out! We’ll be at the SoMa Art Media Hub from 10-4:00! There will be food, music, artists and crafters (all local).

On another note, I have been relatively tech-savvy while working on the blog this morning! (Yes, yes, it’s true! I know, I’m surprised too!) Adding pictures to sidebars, linking to other pages, all sorts of fancy stuff! So whatcha think? Do I look all professional now?? Hehe. Any thoughts on the new background? I told you, I’m too indecisive for this! I’m sure the background/fonts/colors will continue to change every few days.

And on another another note (sorry, I’m just jumping all over the place today!), I saw on the news yesterday that they did a poll to see where voters were at, who they think is the best presidential candidate. The majority answered that they don’t like any of them. No surprise there… Unfortunately, it’s looking like it’s going to be a ‘vote for the least of two evils’ election. That terrifies me.

How are YOU? What’s going on in your world today? Any fun weekend plans?



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