Life without coffee is scary.

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Holy moly… Yall, was it hot this weekend or what?! I was disgustingly sweaty at the art show Saturday. Thankfully I woke up too late for makeup, because it would’ve melted right off my face and onto the ground. We ended up calling it two hours early because it was so unbelievably miserable. Good thing we did though, because not five minutes after we got home, the bottom fell out, thunder, lightening, wind, the whole shebang.
And the sun just takes so much out of you, you know? I mean, we were under our canopy the whole time, but once we got home and showered, we held down the couch for the rest of the day. We were such bums that we binge watched an entire show on Netflix. Granted, it was only one season, but still! We NEVER do that. We’re go-go-go all the time. It’s nice to slow down every once in a while.

Speaking of the art show, check out how gorgeous this stuff is! I may be slightly biased, but you can’t argue with me! {Forgive the shadows and my horrible photography}



Yesterday morning was a mad dash for coffee. We used the last of it up Saturday morning – isn’t that the worst feeling ever, running out of coffee? I get mild anxiety about it. Gotta have my survival juice! Anyways, there’s this coffee shop that we noticed about a year ago. Every time we drive past I comment that we should check it out sometime, but C has never seemed real interested. But it’s the closest coffee shop to the house, so it was a winner this time.

C knows me so well; I didn’t speak a word the whole way there, and he didn’t talk to me. Then once I got a few sips into my cappuccino (which was fantastic, by the way!), he says, “babe… can you talk now?” Lol.

We’re not a huge fan of chains, we’d much rather go to local places. But let me tell you, around here, a lot of our local places are very odd… C says it’s because there’s so many hippies here. I wouldn’t say that; I’ve got a bit of a hippie soul in me and I still think they’re out there. Way WAY out there. They are a sight to see for sure. I was in such… shock (for lack of a better word) inside that I didn’t even think to take pictures. But here’s a few of outside.
I mean, where does one even find a huge dinosaur to put in your parking lot???

Have you discovered any fun local places lately?
What about good movies or shows? We’ve been watching a lot of new movies lately (not all of them new, but all of them are new for us). And as for our Saturday binge, we watched the Netflix show, Stranger Things. Have you seen it? I thought it was okay, but didn’t love it. I felt like there were too many story lines; the kid testing, monster, other realm, it was just too much. Do you agree?



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