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Who’s actually awake this morning?? I’m conscious and mobile, but to say I’m ‘awake’ would be a stretch. I’ve been tossing and turning like crazy lately and not sleeping well; and let’s face it, it’s Monday. Needless to say, I’m struggling this morning! And would much rather be back at home in bed than at work. (Yes, I blog at work.)

So Friday night we were invited to go to the Korean BBQ restaurant for dinner. I’ve had mixed feelings about going ever since they opened the one here in town. Part of me has really wanted to go because I knew that it’d be a completely different dining experience than what I’m used to. I also thought it’d be a fun place to go with a group. The other part of me said that if I’m spending that much money to go out to eat (and these places aren’t cheap!) I at least want my food cooked for me.

But we were invited to go, so we decided to try it out. If you’ve never been, this is the concept: All of the meals come with a ton of all-you-can-eat sides, so they bring these out to the table first. Then you pick your meat and they bring the meat to the table raw, but pre-seasoned. There’s a grill in the table, and you cook your own meat. I say “you cook your own meat,” but I don’t cook… C does all the cooking in this relationship. So I just patiently waited for something to be put on my plate. Haha.


I was turned off by the place before we even ordered. There’s so many rules! The couple we were with eat a lot, and when they go, they order an all-you-can-eat combo that comes with about 15+ types of meat. C’s eyes were bigger than his stomach, because he decided he wanted that combo also. I just wanted a regular dinner with two or three types of meat. Come to find out, everybody at the table has to order the same thing. So I wanted a 12ish dollar meal, but was going to be forced to get a 40ish dollar meal. I mean, I guess I understand their reasoning; they don’t want the person with a lot off all-you-can-eat food sharing with a table of people who get cheap meals. But in our case, three people got expensive meals, and one person got a cheaper meal. That’s a little less suspicious. Thankfully the manager came over and calls the couple we were with VIPs so he let it slide and I could get the cheaper meal.

Then I start reading on the menu and see that it says you will be charged $20 if you leave food on your plate! What?! That’s absolutely absurd to me. So say C didn’t like 1 of the 14 meats, what’s he supposed to do, throw it on the floor since he can’t leave it on his plate? They won’t give you a box, so taking it home to the dogs isn’t an option unless you wrap it up and sneak it in your pockets. I’m a pretty adventurous eater and will try pretty much anything at least once. But I didn’t dare try to be adventurous here, just stuck to things I knew I’d like.

Third thing… They only bring three meats to the table at a time, and you have to finish those three before they will bring more. Note, the couple things I ordered were included in the three larger combos. So for example, for the first round we got Teriyaki Chicken (which was one of the things in my combo also), Tongue, and Pork Bulgogi. I ate some of the chicken, but it was also part of the other 3’s combos, so I had to share it with them. Then had to wait for them to also finish off the Tongue and Bulgogi before I could get more to eat. They ordered the tongue every round, plus one other thing off their menu, so I only got one thing off my menu each time (which I had to share with them, since it was part of their meal also). It took a lot of time and a lot of rounds before I got full.
And like I said, you have to eat the three things they bring to the table before they’ll bring you more. So odds are, if you order a lot of meat, you’re going to be filled up before you get to eat them all. Because you can’t just eat a little of it and save room for the rest of your food, you’ve got to eat it all.

I bet it’d cost about the same to just buy the meat at the grocery store and cook it at home. But our friends go there a lot for the tongue. Apparently it’s pretty pricey and hard to prep.

I just think for the customer, it’s a shitty set-up. But I’m sure they make a killing doing things this way. Anyways, I wasn’t really blown away by the food, prices, or rules, so I told C I have no desire to go back.

Have you ever been to a Korean BBQ? Tell me about your experience. And are you an adventurous eater? What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever tried?

Yesterday we drove about 45mins to a botanical garden. We have one here in town, but like this other one better. We had only been once, for their grand opening a little over a year ago, and loved it. It’s in an old rock quarry and there’s different levels that circle around and you make your way down to the bottom. We had nothing planned for Sunday, so we decided to ride over. I’ve really wanted to take my Nana ever since we went the first time because she loves flowers. Turns out they didn’t have anything going on yesterday either so they met us over there.

Stupid me forgot that it’s the middle of summer and it’s damn near impossible for anything to grow in this God forsaken heat. So we mainly just looked at a bunch of dead and droopy plants. Lol. It was better than sitting at the house though.


Okay, it’s time for more coffee.. Have a great week!


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