Benadryl hangover.

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Remember I said I haven’t been sleeping well? Well I was tired of playing that game and decided to do something about it last night. I took a benadryl before bed. That was stupid. Waking up this morning felt like rising from a coma; I’m super groggy. I had planned on getting a quick massage at lunch because I’ve had a horrible pinch in my back, but I’m concerned I may fall asleep on the massage table.  

On another note, C said something the other night that I haven’t quite been able to shake. He said, “we need to find you a hobby that sticks, because when you graduate, it’s like going in to retirement.” And he’s right! I’m going to have nights and weekends to do whatever I want without having homework lingering over my head. So what am I going to do…?

I know I’m going to get back to working out and reading. I’m in the homestretch with school, which means I’ve been stupid busy and exercise has been put on the back burner. And I rarely get to read something other than a textbook. But what else? I’ve pretty much given up on making wreaths. I’m my own worst enemy, and every time I make one, I’m upset and beat myself up because it didn’t turn out exactly how I had it looking in my head. That’s too expensive of a hobby to not be happy with. That and it takes up a ton of room. I want to do something that is relatively inexpensive and doesn’t take up much space.

Over the last few days, I’ve started doing some brush calligraphy. And I’m actually not too bad! I started out pretty good, C even mentioned that I was a lot better at it than he thought I’d be starting out. But I’m already a little aggravated with it. I’ve gone through an entire graph paper notebook practicing and I’m still having a hard time getting my upstrokes thin. They’re thinner than my downstrokes, but not by much; it’s barely noticeable. I’m at the point where if I go any lighter on my pressure, it won’t be touching the paper at all. Any suggestions? I think the main thing is because I have the Tombow dual brush markers, and the tip is so super flexible. I think I’d do better with a tip that you have to push harder on.

So I was thinking I’d master the lettering, then maybe move on to stamps and watercolors. I’ve also tossed around the pencil drawing idea in the past.

I did recently get a new camera, I guess I could pursue that more. But I want something that I can do at home while C is working in the shop. And there’s only so many things you can take pictures of around the house. I’ve done the crocheting thing, no interest in going back there. {Yes, I’m being slightly picky, but I want to find something that I’ll stick with!}

Does anybody have any other suggestions? I think I’d like to stay with something crafty.



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