Pressure makes diamonds

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C and I are at a point where it seems like everything is falling apart at once. Dryer broke, grill messed up, burner on the stove is broke, smoke detector, AC. It’s like every day something is added to the list.

As if that weren’t enough, I picked up my car yesterday after it’s been at the shop for four months and they didn’t do a damn thing to it. It’s still messed up. Long story. Thankfully I’m able to get out of it now at no cost to me, which is good news; especially considering there’s still over a year left on the lease. So I’m on the hunt for something to buy before this one brakes down on me.

I had planned on buying a Hyundai once my lease is up, but I refuse to take another vehicle to the Hyundai service department, and I’m not going to drive an hour to the next closest Hyundai dealer every time I need something done.

So I’ve spent all day looking around online and exploring my options, and I think I’ve found something. Check out this sex kitten!used-2016-chevrolet-equinox-fwd4drlt-9759-15071823-1-640
It’s a 2016 Chevy Equinox with 3200 miles. So basically brand new. I went and looked at it this afternoon and “test drove” it back here to the shop to have one of the guys look it over. He says everything looks good. We did the build and price thing on the Chevy website and put in all the features that this one has, and it came up at around $28k. This one is $22k, and I won’t have to pay any stupid dealer fees or anything like that.

I’m a little nervous because I had a Chevy and had a ton of problems with it. But my tech friend says that Chevy has made a lot of improvements over the last few years, and they’re up there with the rest of them now. He thinks I should get it. I talked to Daddy, he thinks it sounds good. And I talked to my aunt, who has a Tahoe that she bought with over 30k miles, and she loves it. Says it’s the best vehicle she’s ever had and hasn’t given her any problems.

C is going to ride up there with me this evening and check it out.

If I get it, I’m going to be looking at almost twice as much per month, which is brutal. But hopefully {cross your fingers with me!} I’ll have a new job soon where I’d be making about $10k+ more. I’m hopeful!

On another note… How was your weekend? Ours was pretty uneventful; worked on some of our broke stuff at the house. Yesterday we had some errands to run, one of which was taking some stuff to the consignment shop. We have two here in town that are the nicer consignment shops, do you know what I mean? Like they only take nice brands and stuff that is in style. It amazes me that they didn’t buy anything that I took up there, but yet, they had bought these: IMG_3657

Did I miss the memo that teddy bear hippie tennis shoes are in style now?? If that’s fashionable, then I don’t want to be.

We then made our way out to one of the local breweries. And holy moly… They had a ton of new things. And you know, you just have to try them all! I may or may not have had a hangover today…

But for real! They had a cucumber something or another that tasted just like biting into a cucumber, a strawberry margarita lager, a pineapple mint thingy, a pineapple lime yumyum, a citrus green tea yumyum, a green tea mango yumyum. And they were all as delicious as they sound!

Are there any good breweries in your area?



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