Wander often, wonder always.

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What do you live for? Taken at face value, my immediate answer to that would be ‘I live for God.’ But that’s not what I mean. What is it that you’re always looking forward to? Dreaming about. We all have at least one thing. I’m sure a lot of parents would say they look forward to nights/weekends getting to spend time with their kids. I’m sure even more parents would say they look forward to the quiet moments where they can sit down and have a glass of wine. 

A couple of things sparked this thought this weekend. First, I had to pick C up at the airport. Then I was shopping online. And last night we were watching TV.

I live to travel.

Every time I’m at the airport waiting for C, I sit there watching planes leave and wish it was me on there leaving. It’s not even dreaming; I legitimately get sad that it’s not me.

This weekend I was shopping around on etsy for a window decal for my new ride. I had started looking a while back, but then my car went to the shop and the shopping got sidelined. Wasn’t going to buy a decal when I didn’t have a vehicle to put it on. All the decals I’ve been looking at are travel related. A compass, something with a word (adventure awaits, explore, fernweh), etc.

Last night when I made my way out to join C on the couch, he was watching that Anthony Bourdain show, The Layover. Not my favorite show, but it’s a compromise. C likes the food parts, I like the travel part. The episode he was on was almost over, and turns out the next episode was on New Orleans. I loved that place. I’ve never really understood why people vacation to the same places all the time. For example, C’s mom and sister go to Santa Fe at least once a year. Why not see new places? But now I understand. Ever since our trip to NOLA last year, I’ve been wanting to go back. C and I have both said that if we had to pick up and move tomorrow, we’d move to New Orleans. And watching the show last night, C says, “That’s what we need to do, retire there. We’ll get us a little house and live out our days there.” I asked if we could retire soon; I don’t want to live there when I’m too old to enjoy it!
Now don’t get me wrong… We despised the French Quarter. We did the Bourbon Street thing because you just have to; you can’t go to New Orleans and not have a Bourbon Street hand grenade. img_4445
But we got out as quickly as possible. It smells like piss and vomit and the smell alone had me wanting to vomit.

I truly do love to travel, and I thrive on experiencing culture shock. I’ve known for a while, even before I really did any traveling, I knew that I wanted to see the world. I remember every time someone would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I’d say I didn’t know because I knew how ridiculous it’d sound if I told them the truth: that I wanted to be a nomad.

A good friend of mine is currently on his second backpacking trip. The first was a few years ago. He had sold most of his things and left the rest with family with the plan to move to Australia. He went over to find a house, and when he got there, realized that he didn’t want to live there. So his house hunt turned into a year long backpacking trip across southeast Asia. He left a few months ago on a trip through south America, via motorcycle. He’s in Utila now with no plans of returning.
I’m so envious of him. I would love to just pack up and go where the wind takes me. No time schedule, just see the world. When I find somewhere I like, stay a while then move on. But that’s just not feasible for me. Financially or with where I’m at in life. He has no ties – no house, significant other, pet. I just can’t leave this face: IMG_2527

But I love my life, so I’m okay with seeing the world one vacation at a time.

It’s going to be a long day… Rainy and gloomy with vacation on the mind! I can’t wait for our trip coming up. You’ll see pictures soon, but until then, it’s destination: secret!



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