The bells are ringing…

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…Wedding bells that is! C proposed this weekend!!!!


So on a show or movie or something a while back, we heard the phrase “romance ninja,” and it has stuck. C always says he’s a R.N., but he knows the truth… I’m the real romance ninja in this relationship. But yall, I’ve officially gotta hand over my title. He pulled it off yesterday!

If you follow the blog, you know that I’m from a small island. Surrounding the island are a bunch of smaller islands, and my daddy owns a company doing island tours and boat rentals. We went down Saturday afternoon to stay the night with my grandparents. After church yesterday morning, Papa asked C if he wanted to go for a ride. This is nothing abnormal; Papa loves C and he’s always stealing him to go do something or go somewhere.

When we all met back at the house, C told me that in their travels, they had seen daddy down at his dock, and daddy is going to take us and drop us off on one of the islands. This wasn’t unusual either; C has never been on any of the islands, and we’ve talked a lot about going and exploring.

We ended up going to the island with the old lighthouse. It’s actually illegal to be on this island, except for their once a year open house – so we first had to scope the place out to make sure there was nobody there that would bust us.

Nana had packed us a cooler {she’s the stereotypical grandma that fattens you up every time you see her}, so we had a snack then started walking around. When we got in front of the lighthouse, he asked!

cedar key_2_fl24

I don’t even know if I ever said yes. I was speechless, shaking like a leaf, and crying but trying not to let him see me cry. I was not expecting it AT ALL! (Clearly – do you see my nails?? Yuck!) But now, a bunch of things have started coming together, and I don’t know how I missed the signs! Come to find out, it’s been planned with Nana and Papa for four weeks.

So my weekend was very eventful/emotional, and exciting! Now I’m super confused – where do I even start?! What do I do? Bring on the wedding planning!



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