Monday [no] fun day.

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Good morning, how is everyone today? Good weekend? I got jipped. Long story, but I pretty much only had a one day weekend. Work today has been a shit show – hence the reason it says “good morning;” I started this post at 9:00. And tomorrow’s my first fall class. Coffee me, stat! {Who am I kidding, coffee started a longgg time ago!}


My one day of weekend was good though. We went to a state park/springs about an hour from us. C had never been, and I hadn’t been since I was little. It was really beautiful, but about a thousand degrees with 500% humidity.


Entrance to the park



Glass bottom boat


Check out the way that palm tree is growing – starts at the bank, dips in the water, then pops back out.

We already have plans to go back before it gets cold and either rent kayaks or take our canoe. I mean, come on, do you see how gorgeous (and shaded!) this creek is??


So on another note, how did yall like the last fixer-upper project? I’ve got another I’m thinking about posting. It’s an older project that I did, but I actually took a few pictures during this one. It’s a bar stool to end table repurpose.

I’ve also got a couple projects around the house that I’m about to be taking on; including giving our computer chair a facelift, a DIY headboard, and hopefully finally getting around to my dresser project that’s been sidelined for a few years. I’ve finally decided what I want to do with it, but now I’m just procrastinating.

I’ve got to get back to the chaos, but let me know your thoughts! Would yall be interested in seeing any of those?



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