Shipping packages and weddings.

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Okay, I officially go to FedEx too much. Normally when I go, there’s one of two women working the desk; they’re both super nice. Occasionally I get a third, not as friendly, lady.

I say the two are super nice, but it’s usually just small talk with them; I don’t even know their names. But last time I went, as soon as I walked in the door, the women at the desk that day says, “I was just thinking about you the other day! Has he proposed yet?!” {This was about three days after he did.} Long story as to why she was thinking about me, but we talked for about ten minutes about wedding stuff.

This afternoon when I went, I could see that same woman at the desk, but saw the other woman (who I now know is Kathy – she doesn’t look like a Kathy..) quickly walking up. The front door is glass, so I saw all of this before I got in. As soon as the door opened, Kathy says, “I heard you got engaged!! Congratulations! [and starts to extend her arm towards me to grab my hand]” Other woman: “Show Kathy your ring! I was bragging about you..”

Yeah, if the women who ship my packages think and talk about me when I’m not there, I’m officially a frequent flyer. Lol.

But on the subject of weddings, I need some help from my blog friends. Two things:

  1. Is it still customary to send both save-the-dates AND invitations? We’ll have the venue and date pinned down in plenty of time; could I skimp on save-the-dates and just send the invitations earlier?
  2. Has anybody ever taken a trip from Groupon? We almost did, Ireland. But by the time we decided to go through with it, it was no longer available. From the ones I’ve looked at, it seems like sometimes they’re a good deal and sometimes overpriced. I guess it depends on what you’re looking for an your priorities. Anyways.. We talked about maybe looking into Groupons again for our honeymoon. But if it’s a nightmare, we’re not going to want to deal with that.




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