What day is it again?

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I have a love/hate relationship with long weekends. Love, for obvious reasons. One of which being that I hate my job. But it gets my days all discombobulated! Tell me I’m not alone?

How did you enjoy the holiday weekend? Ours wasn’t super eventful. Last week was so chaotic that we really hadn’t even thought about the weekend and had no plans. So we just flew by the seat of our pants.

Before I get to that, I need opinions. What are your thoughts on posting things on the internet? When I was on Facebook, I had all the highest security settings, and when I first started this blog, I had it as private. C thinks I’m ridiculous for not posting pictures of us on here, won’t say where we live, etc. I think paranoid is a more appropriate word. He thinks it’s harmless (he’s on Instagram and puts all this on there), but it truly terrifies me how much people can find out about you from the internet. I know that if they really wanted to know, they could break through Facebook security settings and all, but I don’t know that I want to make it any easier for them!

Anyways, back to the weekend {I wish we could get back to the weekend!}. There’s a place right off the interstate that we always pass and say “We should go there sometime!” So we finally did.




I love antique stores. You always find the most interesting, unique things. I could decorate an entire home with antique store finds, but it’d be a cold day in hell before C let me put the stuff I like in our house. Don’t get me wrong, we both like the way our house is decorated, but with some things, we have completely different opinions. For example, I love things like this:

I don’t mean I’d actually buy all this stuff – can you imagine waking up in the middle of the night and seeing that gold dragon thing? It was as tall as me! As was the Buddha, warrior statue, and antelope. But I love them! Maybe it’s the travel bug in me. They’re cultural and it makes me dream of other places.

This is where I was really in heaven though:


I’m obsessed with books; especially old ones.

C on the other hand, thought things like this were interesting:


Old dental tools


No no no no no no. These are just beyond creepy to me!

We enjoyed it though, it was worth the drive over. We then drove a little bit further and tried out a new (for us) place for lunch, a really good Indian place.

Monday we were going to invite a couple that we’re friends with to do something; we had talked about exploring somewhere out of town. But they beat us to it; they had already texted asking the same by the time we woke up. We ended up going to the beach. Had lunch, walked the beach for a few, then did some driving/walking around.

C and I go to this town pretty frequently, but it’s usually just for lunch, the beach, and he goes to the woodworking store there. We also went to a brewery there once. But turns out, there’s really not much to do over there. There’s a few gardens and museums, but by this time, it was pushing 6:00 on a holiday, so everything was closed. But we went down to a little waterfront area and walked around. There was live reggae music which was nice; I love me some reggae!

So rant time… This couple, the girl they’re fostering, and C are all obsessed with Pokemon Go. I mean, the couple is out until around 2:00am every night playing. C isn’t that bad, but bad enough to annoy me with it. He plays it when he’s driving, He tries to play it when he’s driving, but I always snatch his phone away. I love him, but if he gets in an accident for being stupid, it’s not going to be with me in there with him. And when I’m driving, he’s always asking me to pull over into random areas. No. Then one night, I had class so C went on campus with the couple and they played. I met up with them when I was finished, and it’s absolutely insane. Everybody was glued to their phone and congregating in the same areas. It’s pitiful really.

So I got a little aggravated when we were walking around by the water, because it was power walk, power walk, power walk, then stand in the same spot for five minutes, and repeat. That was the only reason they wanted to go out of town, to play Pokemon. They had went to a different town the day before to play. Such a waste of gas in my opinion. But like C said, it’s something they enjoy doing together, so more power to them. And the husband has lost quite a bit of weight from all the walking. It got us out of the house for the day, so I guess I can’t complain.

Still sticking with the lettering. I practice pretty much every day. I finally got so frustrated with that marker while I was writing the other night that I threw it across the room mid-word. When I picked it up, it went in the trash. I made sure to write down the name of it first though, it’s a medium sized Bimoji. Am I the only one who’s had bad luck with it? I had never heard of this brand, just happened to pick it up when I saw it in Hobby Lobby. I had put in a Jet Pens order last week though, and I got a little carried away… They trap you with that free shipping on $25! So this was my haul:

So Tuesday was like Christmas for me. Was really excited to finally be able to try all these products that I’ve had my eye on. However, I’ve determined that I must just write really hard, because I’ve already bent the tips on these markers too, beyond the point of them bouncing back. 😦 I really like them though. I’ll post some pictures of some of my recent stuff here soon. Other than testing them, I haven’t used the metallic pens. They look great, but I really want to get some black cardstock to use them on. I need to get on that though, because I have a sneaking suspicion that C bought me more metallic pens for my birthday.

Time to get back to this busy busy week! We’re going on vacation next week, I am so stoked! It is much needed by both C and I. Unfortunately, the prep to go is stressful; getting things ready at home, preparing coworkers for my absence, getting all my homework done for next week, etc. On top of that, C’s birthday is the 19th and his sister’s is the 17th, so I’m having to get both of their gifts all ready. His mom and sister are coming up this weekend; sister will leave Sunday, but mom is staying at the house while we’re gone to watch the pups. She insisted we leave her a ‘project’ so she wouldn’t be bored all week, so we asked if she’d mind doing some painting. Works for us, she loves painting and we hate it. But that means that on my list is to go buy paint and supplies. My to-do list is growing quicker than I can knock stuff off. I hate how that happens.. And we’re out of booze. Yikes! Looks like I can add a trip to the liquor store to my list, because I need alcohol to get through the next few days.

Any guesses as to which country we’re going to?? Next time you hear from me, it will probably be with vacay pictures!



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