Toronto vacation – Day 1

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Okay, who guessed Canada as our vacation place?? Yep, we went to Toronto! 


We were up in the air for a while going between Machu Picchu and Ireland, then C says one day, “What about Canada?” That worked! He mentioned Quebec city because he had heard that the French culture was really dominant there. I’ve always wanted to go to Canada, but didn’t really know where in Canada, so I started doing some reading. I read somewhere that 49% of the population in Toronto is not Canadian. I thought that was so interesting! I also read that ‘you feel like a world traveler after a trip to Toronto’ because they have so many different neighborhoods like Chinatown, Little Italy, Greektown, etc. So I figured, if we’re going to go somewhere to experience a culture rather than going to that place {experiencing French culture in Canada rather than going to France} then we might as well experience a bunch of cultures! C was game.

Our flight got changed, so by the time we got in, got a taxi, and made it to the condo, it was around midnight. So our first day was pretty much shot.


{Side note – I love flying at night. No matter how bad it is on the ground, any city looks beautiful from above.}

We unloaded, then started looking for somewhere to eat. Naturally, pretty much our only options at that time were bar food. So we walked to a hole-in-the-wall dive called Betty’s. Even though it was technically the 13th at this point, I finally got my birthday beer. I don’t remember what it was called, but we both made sure to only drink beer that we’ve never heard of while in Canada.


C had rainbow trout, and I had the best pad thai I’ve ever had. I’m missing it terribly. Haha. We don’t normally order appetizers, but we just had to at Betty’s, because they had something we’d never seen before; it was just so weird that we had to try it….. Crickets.


They didn’t have much of a flavor, just tasted like a puff cereal. But I’m all about texture, and the crickets just didn’t cut it for me. I’m pretty sure I got a leg stuck between my teeth. I’m an adventurous eater and will try pretty much anything {clearly}, but here’s where I draw the line: when the food on my plate still looks like it did when it was alive. Like this is just too much:

No no no no no. I do not want my food looking at me as I eat it.

As for our condo, it wasn’t huge, but it was plenty for C and I. It was spotless and in the perfect location!


Building exterior


View from our balcony

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