Toronto vacation – Day 2

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After transferring all my pictures from my camera to computer, I decided I wouldn’t end up sharing them all. There’s hundreds… that’s just way too much! But I promise, there will be plenty for you to see. 🙂 

Even after a late night Monday, we were up around 9:00 and ready to start the day. Couldn’t wait to start exploring a new city!  

The day began at the coffee shop around the corner, The Black Canary Espresso Bar. It was love at first visit and we ended up returning every morning of the trip.

We decided to stay relatively close to the condo that day, so our first stop was the St. Lawrence Market a few blocks away. St. Lawrence has been in operation since 1803 and hosts over 120 vendors. It’s really pretty incredible. C is quite the foodie and was really looking forward to going, since St. Lawrence was rated number 1 food market in the world by National Geographic.   

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He was so stoked to see all the meat that was available. They had so much that we can’t get here, including ostrich, camel, kangaroo, pheasant, etc. {However, I have had camel and kangaroo, but I’ve never seen it available for sale except in one restaurant, never a grocery store.} We were also super excited about all the cheese! We love trying new cheeses and Canada had lots of new ones to offer. We spent a lot of money at that booth…

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And remember what I said about food in the last post? Yeah, this was NOT happening for me! :


Everybody we met in Toronto {and trust me, we met a lot!} was unbelievably friendly. Maybe too friendly. Every conversation was at LEAST a 30 minute one, which meant that half of the time we were at the market was not spent shopping, but talking.

Next up was the Distillery District. The Distillery District is a National Historic Site of Canada, is the largest collection of victorian-era industrial architecture in North America, spanning 13 acres, over 40 buildings, and 10 streets. It now hosts artisan shops, restaurants, and events {they were preparing for a World Cup of Hockey event while we were there, as well as multiple concerts}. There’s so much more I could tell you about this interesting area and the wonderful vendors we met there! Formerly Gooderham & Worts Distillery, the area converted during prohibition and began producing antifreeze. One of our longer conversations while there was with a milliner. Her shop was where the whisky barrels were stored, and in it’s second life, is where they canned the antifreeze. In it’s present life, it stores beautiful hats!

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