Toronto vacation – Day 3

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Again on day 3, we started out at the Black Canary. Yall, that place was seriously delicious! And I was pretty impressed because when we walked in {after only going one time} the woman says, “Hey guys, cappuccino and latte?” I couldn’t believe she remembered. As with everyone we met in Toronto, she was super sweet. We could tell she was very liked just by listening in on conversations she had with locals. And by the end of the week, our conversation with her sounded the same!

We then headed across town to Yonge-Dundas square, which they say is the Times Square of Toronto. I’ve never been to New York, but C has been multiple times and attested that what I heard was correct, he said it was indeed a lot like Times Square. It was interesting to see, but not really our cup of tea. We did pop in the Eaton Centre while we were there {it’s a Canadian landmark, we had to!}, but overall, didn’t spend much time in the area.

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Next up was Chinatown, one of the main things C was looking forward to on the trip. I was interested in going to Chinatown to experience the culture, but that was about the extent of it. I hate going with C to the Asian market here in town because I think it smells like a pet store. Very very very fishy. I wasn’t super eager to hang out in an entire neighborhood that smelled that way, which is what I expected. My expectations were pretty spot on. In addition, I’m not a big fan of Chinese food. I was more so looking forward to Greektown and Little Italy. {Hello…. Pasta!}

But we went, we saw, we conquered. Went in a couple shops, a market, had lunch at a place recommended to us by a local, and what I found most interesting was an herb store we went in. C and I are good friends with an Asian couple, and C said the husband told him one time that these herbal stores are very popular because to them, it’s like their doctor. Even had a few of these dudes hanging out:


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Then on to Kensington Market, which conveniently was a street over from Chinatown. We weren’t entirely sure what to expect here. Every time we would talk to someone, we’d ask what they thought were “must sees” or “must go’s” and a lot of them mentioned Kensington. I already had it on my list of places that I wanted to check out, because I had read that it is a national historic site of Canada and one of Toronto’s most photographed neighborhoods. But it sure as hell wasn’t one of my most photographed neighborhoods. It was such an odd place! And later when we told locals that we weren’t at all impressed, they looked at us like we had five heads, like they couldn’t imagine how that could be true. Okay… So have you ever been to a flea market that was a little bit dirty feeling, had the most odd people selling even odder, random things? Multiply it by ten and you’ve got Kensington Market. I know I said “odd” a lot, but this neighborhood left me pretty speechless. Here’s an example. C wanted to go in an army surplus store to look for a backpack {their canvas ones are really durable and hold up well for him on the motorcycle}. As he’s looking at bags, my eyes go straight to this guy standing next to the registers.

img_3969 What the what?!


On to Little Italy. Yay yay yay yay! We had just ate in Chinatown, but I didn’t even care, I was ready to stuff my face with delicious Italian food! But I was so disappointed! If the GPS hadn’t told me, I wouldn’t have even known we were in Little Italy. Maybe we just were on the outskirts of the neighborhood? I don’t know. But there were no signs, no Italian restaurants, nothing! {Tear… 😦 }

From there we just walked with no planned destination. Then we randomly started seeing these signs and I told C, “apparently we’re in Little Portugal now..” img_0181 Just like with Little Italy, I wouldn’t have even known if I hadn’t seen the signs. However, we did notice that the street that we were on wasn’t as nice anymore once we entered Little Portugal. The types of shops, trash on the road, the people. That was just our opinion. We actually ended up turning around and didn’t continue walking through that neighborhood.

The last two stops of the day were places that I was most looking forward to on the trip. First, The Lockhart. A Harry Potter bar, yall! It was actually a cocktail bar, and I don’t normally drink cocktails, but I didn’t even care! I had to go to the Harry Potter bar, so I had myself a cocktail! A bloody expensive one, even in USD, but I had one!

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Then to Poutini’s House of Poutine. C likes watching all of those crazy eating shows; I’m not a huge fan. But one that I can tolerate is Anthony Bourdain’s The Layover, because it’s kind’ve a travel show at the same time, and I love travel shows! So he was watching it one day and we saw that there was a Toronto episode {this was shortly after we had bought our tickets to go}. Of course we had to watch! And Poutini’s is one of the places he went. I later read that this was the best place for Poutine. Poutine is like the food staple that Toronto {or maybe even Canada in general?} is known for, so I had to have it! And if I was going to have it, I wanted to have it at Poutini’s, so I held out on ordering it until we got there. It was so delicious! A heart-attack waiting to happen, but oh so good. I’d call it drunk food though, and not something that I’d eat often. If you’re unfamiliar with Poutine, like I was prior to seeing the show, it’s french fries, cheese curds, and gravy. I ordered The Works Poutine which is the traditional plus sour cream, bacon, and chives {essentially a baked potato}. C was being indecisive, so I made him order the the Bacon Poutine, which is the traditional plus bacon and maple syrup. Sadly, that was the ONLY maple syrup we had in Canada! He didn’t care for his all that much, but I think the sweetness of the syrup gave it an interesting twist.

After the Chinese food, walking, cocktails, and poutine, we were about to puke, so we called it quits with our adventures for the day. Other than dinner, we vegged at the condo for the rest of the night. Did I mention that we averaged about ten miles of walking per day!

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