Life happens.

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What a crazy few weeks it’s been! I had to travel for work, and I feel like it’s just been a snowball effect of chaos since then.

I guess first things first, we had an art show. It was just a small monthly show here in town that we’ve done a few times before. Last time we did it, C said he didn’t think he wanted to do it anymore. It was only around $10 or $15 to be in the show, but he was only averaging around $200 in sales per show, and it’s a long day! 7-4:00. Plus, I was the one doing all the pricing, packing everything up, setting it up, packing back up after the show, unpacking it afterwards. It’s a lot. He calls me his manager, so I guess that’s the perk of my job. 😦

But we found out they had changed their location. It was in a horrible spot before, and now it’s right on the side of the main road. On top of that, it was around this time last year that we did that show for the first time, and he did around $600. Maybe because the show was new then, or maybe because it was getting close to Christmas. Either way, we decided to give it another go. Did about $300 this time, and the price to be a vendor had went up to $30. But thankfully the weather was nice, so the day seemed to go by quicker because we weren’t sweating and miserable. We also had a steadier stream of traffic.


When we were in Toronto, we happened upon a small art show one day where we talked to a woodworker there (he and his wife were the sweetest little old people!). While talking, I was taking mental pictures of some of his displays. One of which was for his cutting boards. I had C knock-off his design. {Is that bad of me??} I was so happy with the way it turned out! Before, I displayed the boards on picture frame stands. I can’t find the exact ones, but they’re similar to these, but without the lip on the front. blf_stand

They worked okay, but they just took up a lot of room on the table, and some of the heavier boards would slip off. There’s pictures in this post where you can see what I mean.

Anyways, we had enough space on the table this time for the chess set C made years ago. He’s never really had any interest in taking it to a show because he doesn’t think it’s good enough. But I insisted this time, and yall, it was the most looked at and complimented thing on the table. Check out more pictures of it here.

And remember me telling yall about the festival we went to recently in my home town? It’s been voted one of the best small town festivals in the country, multiple times. And we have two! One in the spring and one in the fall. The fall one has all sorts of vendors, and mainly just ‘crafty’ things, but the spring one is a fine arts festival. And guess who’s got a booth in the spring! Yep, Nana bought him a space. I’m betting he’ll do a grand each day (it’s a Saturday and Sunday event).

We hadn’t even got everything from the show put away before the fam got here. C’s parents stayed with us for a week, and his sister for a couple days. While they were here, they wanted to go look at a wedding venue. And we knew we needed to start setting up appointments.

I got in contact with the first place, and before she would even say if we could come down, she asked when we were thinking of getting married and about how many guests. I told her, and she said they didn’t have any Saturdays left that month, and asked if we’d be okay with a Friday or Sunday. We figured we’ll end up getting married on a Friday, because most places will be cheaper then than on Saturday, so I told her yes, that was fine. Her response, “Our food and beverage minimum is $18,000, higher for a Friday or Sunday.” What the what?!? I didn’t even respond, I didn’t know what to say. Now mind you, on their website, they have the price for the venue, which is comparable to the other places we’ve looked at. So they get you hooked, then rape you with the food minimum. Thankfully she told me though so we didn’t waste the trip there. And I have no poker face, so I would’ve looked really funny sitting there with my mouth hanging open.

Next up (and the place we did end up going) was a golf course that used to be a rock quarry, so it has really beautiful views and a nice clubhouse. We were really impressed with this place, and I think this will be the one we ultimately pick.

After spending about 3hrs there, we had a yummy lunch and went to this park.

The rest of their visit with us was pretty uneventful. We took them hiking at another state park that we enjoy, but other than that, nothing to write home about.

They left late last night and C left for a work trip early this morning, so I’ll have a few days of quiet to recoup.

So I’ve got a question for you… What do you do to ‘keep your relationship alive’ so to speak? Not so much romantically, but how do you keep from falling in a rut? It happens to all of us. We’re not even married yet, but I feel like C and I go through spells where it feels like every evening, we’re talking about the same things over and over again.

I came across an article on pinterest the other day and took a screen shot that I thought I’d share. {I know, shame on me, I can’t give credit to the author. Forgive me.} It’s a list of questions you can ask your significant other that open new topics of conversation and will likely allow you to learn things about them you never knew.

I would hope this goes without saying, but don’t ask them all at once. It’s about quality, not quantity. You want conversations to come of these, so don’t rush through. Also, the goal here is to communicate, not put them to sleep. 🙂


I’m going to start weening these in; maybe you’ll enjoy them too!

Have a great afternoon! Make sure to check out my other post from this morning for an afternoon giggle. 🙂



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