God’s not done.

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Yall know I’ve gotta get my attitude sleep! That being said, when it comes to church, I usually just watch the sermons online. The nice part of that is when Pastor Mark is really throwing down, I can pause, rewind, and relisten. During an awesome series called Brave (click here to check out the series for yourself), this really stood out to me. I rewatched it a couple times before deciding I’d write it down and share. I know there’s somebody out there who needs this!

Did you know that the Hebrew people, the name that they have for God is Yahweh? You ever heard that term, Yahweh? That is the Hebrew word and the Hebrew term for God. So they didn’t call Him God like you and I, they called Him Yahweh. And do you know why many of the Hebrews believe that God gave them that name for Himself, Yahweh, is because Yahweh really sounds like a breath. It sounds like a breath. And so it would go, ‘Yahhh (breathing in) wehhh (breathing out)’ ‘Yahweh…’ And the way they tied it together was this: the only reason you’re alive is because God has continued to bless you with another breath. And if God has blessed you with another breath, you’re not dead. And if you’re not dead, God’s not done. The only way that you are breathing is because God saw fit to give you another breath. And if you have another breath, you’re not dead. And if you’re not dead, God’s not done!

One of the reasons I love my church so much is because Pastor Mark really knows his history and geography, so when he’s preaching, he can tell you about what was going on in the area at the time, and it really makes the scripture make more sense. It allows you to understand why people in the Bible did the things they did when you know the back story. If you listen to this particular sermon, he also talks about the sea of Galilee and gives a lot if information about it.

If you liked this information and excerpt from the sermon, you should check out the CCA website or app. The sermons are also free on iTunes. We’re easy to connect to!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!



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