Weekend shenanigans

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Wedding Wednesday! 

The venue we looked at this weekend was a complete bust.

  1. It wasn’t as nice as they made it look on the website. Rooms were much smaller than they appeared, the facility was dated, and the building was shared with a sports bar, restaurant, and brewery.
  2. The location was horrible. When you walk out the door, you’re on the side of the main road in the city.
  3. They try to do multiple weddings at a time, so you don’t have access to the bridal suite during the reception. You use the bathrooms with stalls like everyone else, and you can’t stash your makeup to touch-up. Also, they have four locations: What we refer to as the “chapel room”, ballroom, loft, and rooftop. We wanted the room that looks like a chapel for the ceremony, rooftop for cocktail hour/smoke breaks for guests, and loft for reception. They prefer you do either rooftop and loft (which are on the same floor) or ballroom and chapel (which are on the same floor) so they can do multiple ceremonies at a time. And even more so, they prefer you only pick ONE room to do everything in so they can do even more ceremonies at a time.
  4. It was way too overpriced for what it is. To get the month we want, rooms we want, either a Friday or Saturday, and the CHEAPEST menu option, it’d be around $17k. No thank you.

On top of that, when I was emailing them beforehand, I kept asking for a ballpark price. I explained to them that it’d be a bit of a drive for us to get there, and we didn’t want to do that if they weren’t going to be within our budget. I told them the dates we were looking at, rooms we wanted, menu we were interested in, and number of guests, but they kept giving me the run-around and said they couldn’t give me a price because it would depend on a number of factors. Well low and behold, guess what those “factors” were… dates, rooms, menu, and guest count. Bastards.

So we decided we’re going to go ahead and pull the trigger on that first place we looked at.

As for the rest of the weekend, eh… When we were talking about going somewhere, I thought we should either go somewhere we’ve never been or just stay home and save money. C was really the one who wanted to stay there in the town that the venue is in. But to me, it’s one of those places that once you go, see, do, you don’t really care to go again. It’s pretty, and I’m sure it’d be fine if you were going for an event or something, but I’ve done and seen everything there is to see and do there.

But we went. And let me tell you, that cabin we got was not worth $190. This is just a picture I pulled from Google, but it’s exactly what our cabin looked like.


Cute, right? But oh so tiny… It’s kind’ve hard to tell because it’s a panoramic, but this was the inside.


Yes, messy. But we had nowhere to put our stuff!

You can see that there was hardly any room from the entry wall to the feet of the beds, and very little room between them.

It wasn’t right downtown, but it was close enough. Pretty much your only option for parking downtown is in the $12 garage. It was $6 to Uber to town. So the same price and we got dropped off right where we wanted to go. So that worked out nicely.

I’ve done the barhopping thing there with a friend that used to live there, so I know the good spots. I took C to my favorite, which has a delicious “Shark Tank.” We may or may not have had a few…

Look at all our fishies!

We also discovered probably the best coffee shop I’ve ever been to. Delicious and very cool. In it’s past life, the building was a welder’s shop. And they had a really pretty garden with tables throughout.

I tried to sneak more pictures, but people were looking at me like I had five heads.

After checking my account yesterday, it looks like I spent $250 over the weekend. C says he spent $480. I don’t know that I believe that, but I wouldn’t doubt that he spend $350ish. It was nice to get away, but I definitely didn’t have enough fun to justify spending that much.

How was your weekend??



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