Turkey hangover.

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Boy have I got stuff to talk about today! What a nice weekend it was! 

First and foremost, that ‘difficult relative’ didn’t end up coming to Thanksgiving, so a great time was had by all! I didn’t get to see one of my sisters, but I saw the other two {one of which I haven’t seen in over a year I think}. I asked both of them to be bridesmaids, and they said yes! I also asked C’s sister to be my MOH, and she said yes too!

I showed the cards that I made to ask them, but I also made them little goody baskets. {That’s the ‘thing to do’ now, right??} They were each a little different, but for the most part, they all included:

  • A small sign with a sweet sentiment
  • A cute picture frame with a picture of myself and that girl
  • Either soap or lotion
  • A mini bottle of champagne {sparkling cider for my underage sisters}
  • A water bottle
  • The movie Bridesmaids or Made of Honor
  • A candle

I feel like I’m forgetting something… Anyways, the three of them liked their baskets. 🙂 If you’ve done this, I’d love to hear what you put in yours!

Friday we just messed around the house. I popped online and ordered the last of my Christmas gifts {I am ON IT this year!}, with the exception of a couple stocking stuffers that I’ll have to pick up at the last minute because they’re food.

C made me a beautiful bookshelf! I’ve always wanted one. All I’ve ever had is a little three shelf particle board one that I bought from Target years ago. But as I was putting my books on it, it crumbled. This one is so beautiful! Of course he doesn’t think so, but especially considering he’s never made one, I think he did a phenomenal job! I’m so in love with it.

So he got it finished Thursday night, and we brought it inside Friday and got all of my books out of the attic. Turns out I had more than even I thought… All of the shelves are doubled-up and even still they didn’t all fit. Also, he was hoping to put his comics on there, but that didn’t happen. He says one day he’ll make me another. I was also hoping to be able to decorate it and put some travel souvenirs and things on it, but I just didn’t have the space. I don’t think you could fit a piece of floss between the books they’re so packed in there. The whole shelf is probably going to topple over on me one day, but that’s okay. Death by books is an acceptable way to go in my book. {See what I did there??}

Saturday we went back to our venue and put down the deposit to hold our day. So exciting!! My grandmother went with us this time which I was really happy about. We also went to the neighboring town to check out a hotel she told us about. She had actually mentioned it to me a little while back to look at as a venue, which I did. I didn’t win that battle, but I think that’s where we’ll get a group rate for the fam. She’s pretty familiar with that town and took us on a little tour. We also went to a complete hole-in-the-wall cajun restaurant for lunch. It was fantastic! Is it just me, or are all of the best restaurants hole-in-the-walls?

Saturday night we went and saw Hacksaw Ridge. Wow! If you haven’t seen it, go. My stomach didn’t like it so much and I gagged at a few parts, but other than that, great movie! I feel like every movie we’ve seen lately has been good. That one, The Accountant, Fantastic Beasts, Finding Dory. Happy happy happy!

Yesterday was another kind’ve lazy/mess around the house day. C worked in the shop for a while, I read half of a book and did some cleaning. They recently opened a Bass Pro here in town, so to give us something to do, we rode over and checked that out. That wasn’t our brightest idea. You’d think it was still Black Friday it was so packed! We tried to look at guns, but you couldn’t even get up to the counter because of all the people, and we would’ve had to take a number to be helped. NOPE. Not playing that game. We never really find anything in those stores anyways {Bass Pro, Cabelas, Gander Mountain, etc.}, I don’t know how they can charge as much as they do. I mean, it’s cool to see some of the new things that are being sold, but scope it out there then buy it on Amazon! What I love about Bass Pro is the decorations. It’s just incredible what all they do. I can only imagine how much money goes into that alone. I especially loved the massive tree they had up! Christmas trees make me happy. 🙂

On our way home, we stopped at a liquor store. It’s just a hole-in-the-wall {I’m telling you, they’re the best!} and they have mainly wine, but they get their stuff at warehouse pricing, so they can sell it for super cheap. The people that work there are always really nice and helpful. We were the only ones in the store, they were getting ready to close, and the two guys working recognized us {is that bad??}, so we talked for a while. They then brought us each a glass of 21 year old rum to drink as we shopped. I usually just stick to beer/wine/mixed drinks, but of course I wasn’t going to turn it down! And it was delicious. It was so smooth and went down so easy. Those are the dangerous ones… It’s probably a good thing that the bottle was way out of our budget.


So who else watched Gilmore Girls this weekend?? I had been itching to all weekend and finally did last night. I still have the last one to watch, but I was super disappointed! It’s not the GG that I know and love. I even told C 5mins into the first one, “I already don’t like it.” Most of the people did a good job, but I felt like Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham did a horrible job. Even Scott Patterson I wasn’t very impressed with! Luke! It just feels awkward, too staged/unrealistic, and like they tried way too hard. Is it just me or did anybody else get that vibe?

Update: I watched the last one, and I think I hated it most of all! Like when Rory was with the Life and Death Brigade, C even asked me, “Is this real or is she in a play?” It’s real… “Is she supposed to be dreaming?” It was just that bad! I don’t know if these ‘mini-movies’ or whatever they were calling them, were just written badly and really corney, or if they forgot how to act. And in the end when Lorelai grabs the hat and Luke is pushing her on the ladder… Seriously, like C said, it was like watching a bad play. And speaking of plays – I think it was the third one, when Lorelai was on the board for that play – why the heck did we have to watch the whole play?? I felt like I had watched it for an hour before I finally called it quits and fast-forwarded through the rest of it. So sad… I anxiously awaited these and was let down. 😦 

So I completely forgot to tell yall… Remember when I was talking about our mini-vacay a couple weekends ago? When we go places, we always meet the most interesting people. Sometimes they’re interesting-odd, but usually just interesting. This trip was so exception. We met the crazies and all! But there was one guy in particular. When we were walking on the main street where all the shops are, we walked past one store that had wood bowls in the window, so of course C had to go in an check it out. Turns out it was a co-op type thing. The owner of the shop made leather goods, but a section of the shop had wood items made from another guy, then there was a third section, but I don’t remember exactly what type of work it was. He had beautiful work, but unfortunately was cash only. I wasn’t surprised. We were the only people in the store and got to talking to the owner who was in his 80s. I think he said 86. And you could tell he was just one of those sweet old people that just wanted somebody to talk to. What an incredible life this man has had. He told us story after story of his experiences and places he’s traveled, and had us walk behind the counter to the back of the store to show us pictures from some of his trips. {I was glad C snapped a few pictures while I was yacking, because when we left, I immediately regretted not taking any.}


This is behind the counter – where he called us back to see the pictures.


One of the things that I love about C is that he helps me break out of my shell and get out of my comfort zone. I do that with him too. But one thing in particular is that I’m HORRIBLE at small-talk and having a conversation with somebody I don’t know. But after being with him, I’ve gotten much better about talking to people. Even with my own family. I’ve learned so much about my family and our history since being with him because he’s good at talking to people. If I’m in a situation where I really should make conversation with the person, I still struggle. But Joe Blow on the street, man, I could talk to him all day long. What’s up with that?! Lol

Well good luck getting back into the swing of things today – I know I’m dragging!



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