Ol’ Faithful.

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Alright girls, tell me I’m not alone here! If I am, just lie to me; otherwise this will be pretty embarrassing! 

This morning I decided I was going to wear a pair of my little ankle boots that I haven’t worn since last winter. When I was putting them on, I noticed that the suede was literally falling off of the heel. Strike 1.


On the way to work I started doing the math trying to figure out how long I’ve owned these shoes. I think around 7-8 years, wearing them religiously every winter. What can I say, they’re my ol’ faithful shoes! We all have a pair. Some are ugly as sin {no shame in your Croc game! orange-crocs}, some are leftover from the 80s 20860d77f4035820c9a6355d93fb64a5, and some, like mine, are falling apart and need to be retired.

When I was walking in to work, I kept hearing a clapping noise. When I sat down and looked, I discovered that they were worse than I thought… The rubber was falling off the bottom of the platform, and the platform was falling off the shoe. Strike 2.


About an hour later, the rubber piece caught on the ground and made me trip, causing the piece to rip off. {It’s a good thing it didn’t make me spill my coffee or I probably would’ve threw the damn shoe.} Thankfully, I work in a truck shop and we have goo’s and goop’s of every kind, so one of the techs took it and performed surgery. When I got it back, this is what it looked like:


I was told to leave it taped until whatever he put in it dried, that way the shoe and platform would stay squished together. He said I’d be able to tell when it was dry, because since the rubber ripped off, you can now see that there’s a dime-sized hole right in the middle of the platform {OF COURSE THERE IS! 😦 } and the gunk is oozing out of it. Once the oozing stops, it’s dry.

I would periodically push on the tape on the bottom of the shoe, and the gunk was still squishy, so I didn’t put it back on. I didn’t want it to come out from under the tape and end up gluing my foot to the ground {because, I mean, it’s me. That would happen.}

Thankfully I have on my cute penguin socks today, because two people other than him saw me walking around shoe-less.


I finally gave up and put my shoe back on, tape and all. If you’ve never done the one-heel-wobble, let me tell you… it’s a calf work out! Aint nobody got time for that!

Now it sounds like I’ve got the walking farts with the goop squishing in and out of the hole with every step, and when I step, I slip because of the slick tape on the tile floor. This is an accident waiting to happen.

I’m pretty sure we’re up to strike 5 now, so it’s time I say goodbye.. I think I’m going to die a little inside getting rid of ol’ faithful, but my tech friend keeps telling me I look like a homeless person with gas. I’ve decided I’m going to go home on lunch to get different shoes. So sad…



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