One more kick in the…

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Yall, life is just kicking me in the balls lately. But in the best possible way! Who doesn’t love a good kick in the balls?! {No, I do not have balls; just an odd sense of humor.}

There’s just been so much going on! Good things. There’s school – I only have one final left then I’m done!! And graduation’s next week! We went last night to pick up my cap and gown; I’m seriously done! Holy crap.

Then there’s the holidays – trying to keep all the schedules straight: parties, family dinners, family coming here, us going to see out of town family, etc. This one’s a little frustrating though because we haven’t been given an exact date on when the fam will be here or how long they’re staying. Which means that we can’t tell the out of town fam when we’ll be headed their way. There’s also an out of town friend we’re going to see too, but we can’t tell him a day either and he’s holding his plans up waiting to hear from us. Grr… But what would the holidays be without family stress? Thankfully I have C who helps calm me down.

Then of course, wedding planning. Because I’m pretty much done with school now, I’ve been able to dedicate more time to this.

We still haven’t received the contract for our venue; is that weird? I mean, or date is secure because we paid the deposit when we were there, so I’m not worried about that; but he said he’d have it to me in two or three days, and it’s been like what, two weeks now? I don’t know, my days are all running together. But I finally emailed him this morning.

I reached out to the church about Pastor Mark being the officiant, but he’s already got a wedding scheduled for that day. 😦 So we’re pretty much grasping at straws now. C’s got a friend at work that’s licensed, but C doesn’t want him to do it, said he want’s somebody that’s affiliated with a church. Then there’s another guy he works with that’s pretty much like a grandfather to him, and his wife used to be a preacher. I think we’re going to see if she’d be up for it. I’ve met the husband many times, but never her. C says she’s super sweet. And at least that way it’s personal because she at least knows one of us. But is that something you have to get re-certified for every few years? C’s mom says she thinks we’d like their pastor, but that’s just so impersonal to me. We’ve never met him. I’d like the person to at least know one of us, and us be familiar with them. I don’t want 1-800-RENT-A-MINISTER.

Then all the usual chaos and running around. Taking the dog’s vet appointments {because it’d be way too convenient for us to take them both to the same vet}, I’ve got to get an ugly Christmas sweater for a party tomorrow night {C so kindly sprung that on me at the last minute}, I’ve been on the hunt for a dress for graduation, I need to decorate my grad cap, got things to do around the house before the fam gets here next week for graduation. Like I said, the usual.

Oh! And I finally remembered to take pictures of the ornaments I made! Seriously, how adorable are these?


I also did a “Our First Christmas” with a picture of C and I, one with his college’s logo, and one with my college’s logo.

I don’t know why the black pen didn’t work very well. It just kept bleeding into the grain of the wood for some reason. I also scaled and cut my pictures too small. I was thinking the circles were only 3″, but they were a little bigger. I mean, they look fine and it gave me room to write, but I would’ve made the CeCe and Bruiser picture a little bigger had I known.

Let me know if you’d be interested in a little tutorial on how I made these. It was definitely a trial and error project, but I’m really happy with how they turned out. I’m going to make some more for us and make some to give as gifts.

Enjoy the rest of your week!


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