Baggin’ it.

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This may be silly, but who else loves wrapping presents?  Okay, love may be a bit of a stretch, but I enjoy it. It’s a love-hate relationship, really.

Here’s where I am when it comes to wrapping presents – I want easy. But if it’s going to be under the tree and I’m going to have to look at it for a month+, it needs to be cute too!

I remember growing up, mom had so much wrapping paper. I don’t think any two presents had the same paper. And then there was the ribbon. You know the ribbon. The metallic green, red, gold, and silver that you tie in a knot then use the scissors to curl the tails. Then name tags out the wazoo. That’s just too much for me.

I already have quite a bit of ribbon, so usually I’ll just use kraft paper and some cute ribbon and call it a day. One year I even skipped out on the ribbon and just used metallic markers to draw cute little designs on the top. It’s so simple that I couldn’t even find pictures online to show you. But here’s a little “spruced up” version:

The sky’s the limit here. I’ve even seen where people tie on a black and white picture of themselves with the recipient in lieu of a gift tag. So cute! I just love the rustic feel of these and they’re a little more personal too since you’re hand-decorating them. Here’s some of mine this year:

Simple but adorable. And it really makes your ribbon stand out. I also like wrapping them all in the same paper because it makes them uniform and not too busy. Puts the attention on the tree.

However, I did “splurge” this year and picked up 3 or 4 rolls of paper and some gift tags from the dollar store. I just feel like wrapping paper is way overpriced for what it is, so I will only spend a dollar on it.

Here’s where the love-hate part comes in to play – I love the creativity of the different styles you can go with {simple, rustic, glam/blingy, etc.}, but I’m a horrible gift wrapper! Then it gets worse because I’m super OCD about it and have a fit when I don’t have perfect corners. And me with tape… not a good situation.


I’m not even kidding – this could be a self portrait.

But then on my extra lazy days, I just hit the good ol’ gift bag. They make such cute ones now, that I don’t feel guilty about baggin’ it.

Do you like wrapping presents? Do you have a ton of wrapping paper or just keep it simple like me? Or are you like C and just stick it under the tree in the bag/box that it came in? {Last year we had a bunch of Amazon boxes under the tree. It was just beautiful… I ended up wrapping my own presents because I was tired of looking shipping boxes and plastic bags.}

Have a great week,

Update: C and I got our Christmas present from my grandparents the other night, which reminded me – my Nana’s gift wrapping is on point also! Simple/rustic/adorable, I must come by it honest! 😉



She wrote on the back of it, “DO NOT open until Christmas!” but that was just way too tempting. We opened it as soon as we got home. It is was truly one of the sweetest, most thoughtful gifts I’ve ever received. She done good!

There’s a particular aunt of mine who I’m sure is reading this… You better not tell on me! It was all C; he made me!

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