The chin!

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You know you’re out of shape when you’re sore from bowling. I’m seriously struggling to walk today. My sides, legs, butt, OW! 

How is your day going?? I hope you don’t have a sore butt like me. Lol. Life has been so crazy for me lately; it was nice to go out with some friends to dinner and bowling last night and unwind a little. And oh my goodness, have yall had this beer?:


C and I love it and were super excited to see it on tap at the bowling alley. Plus it was 2-for-1!

Well Saturday was our ‘dating anniversary.’ C and I have been together for two years. {And we met just five days before. We hit it off pretty quick!} It’s funny though, in some aspects it feels like we’ve been together forever, but in other ways, it seems like we haven’t been together anywhere close to that long. We celebrated the day by cleaning house…

I had Monday off, but C didn’t. As much as I love us having days off together, it was nice to have a day to myself. And I was a complete bum all day! I’m talking in jammies until three and then “get dressed” and put on sweats bum. It was much needed.

When we went to see my fam a few weeks ago, I mentioned to my Aunt that C and I couldn’t agree on a picture to use for our Save the Dates. Luckily, she’s a fantastic photographer and just got a new camera, so we had a little photo shoot while we were there. It was the worst time for me, because I had super puffy eyes from being exhausted and was having a horrible hair day. Also, I’m not photogenic AT ALL. I have a huge chin and such a wide jaw, that I have to pose just right in order for them to look a semi-normal size. There were few pictures that I had the pose just right.


But she sent us the pictures, and there were a few that we agreed on. So I played around with them a bit on Monday.

I also made a wreath. It’s been forever since I made one, but I’ve had an idea in my head for a while. Of course, they never turn out as I have imagined, but I’m still pretty happy with it. These are horrible pictures, but it gives you an idea. I’ll have better pictures soon when I post it on Etsy. {Hint, hint… Nudge, nudge…}


I think the thing I love the most is the flowers. They’re actually made out of very thin slivers of wood.

Remember the dilemmas I had with the bookshelf C made me? How all the books wouldn’t fit and I didn’t have room for the other things I wanted to put on there? Well we lucked out and were given a bookshelf. It was particle board, but C reinforced it and stained it so at a glance it’d look similar to the other one. It’s nowhere near as nice as the one he made me, but this one is behind the door {which is always open} so it’s not seen as often or as easily.

So here’s the one C made me, originally.


All of the shelves were doubled up with books, and even then, they didn’t all fit. And to give you an idea of layout – next to the light switch is the door, and on the other side of the door {the side where the door hinges} is where the second shelf is.

Here’s that shelf now:


A couple of the shelves are still doubled up, but I was able to get goodies on there!

  • The top shelf is a robotic arm that C made for his grad project, and behind it are little booklets that he had to make for all the projects he did in college. He bound them with wood.
  • Next are puzzle piece speakers he made, and between them are the classics: Canterbury Tales, Divine Comedy, Girl With the Pearl Earring, The Jungle, etc.
  • On the 4th shelf are three canvases and a little mask that I bought in Jamaica. I love them so much.
  • And that monster on the bottom shelf is an old dictionary. Easily one of my coolest possessions. And sitting on top of that, an old cigar box.


This is the one we were given and did minor surgery on. Like I said, it’s not a perfect match. Heck, this one’s oak and the one he made is cherry. But if you just glanced, you wouldn’t be able to tell.

  • Shelf number one is C’s ‘to read’ shelf with owl bookends his mom bought me. I love owls!
  • The third shelf is a light that he made.
  • And that on the bottom shelf is an interesting piece. It’s a vase that my Nana got from her Aunt’s house when she was cleaning it out after she passed. We all really liked it, I mean, it’s beautiful, but Nana said for the right price, she’d sell it, and asked C if he’d try. He put it on Etsy for a few hundred, but Etsy took down the listing shortly after. The bottom of the vase has the designers name and says it’s from Cuba, and you’re not allowed to sell anything from Cuba. We were going to still take it to shows and try to sell, but C told Nana he’d buy it from her, because he loved it. It’s a gorgeous solid piece of ironwood. Of course she wasn’t having any of that and just gave it to us. Unfortunately, it’s so dang heavy that it has to go on the bottom shelf.

So we’re both super happy now that all of our stuff fits, and I’m well on my way to having my in-house library. 🙂

Well that was quite the tangent I just went off on… Forgive me, I’m just so excited!

I hope you are having a great week!


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