Distress Ink: all that it’s cracked up to be..?

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Alright crafty friends, I need help. I’m still very new to card making. I don’t have a ton of supplies, but I have a good solid foundation. And most of what I have are the mac-daddies. The brands that are raved about by the people I watch on youtube. {Which honestly, is totally unlike me.} So for card stock, I have Neenah, stamp positioner: MISTI, embossing powder: Hero Arts, etc.

Thankfully C was with me at Michael’s the other day, because he convinced me to save some money {in other words, he made me be myself again}. I did get the Tombow adhesive, but he made me try a cheapo too {and of course, it works just as well}. Anyways, there was a $1 bin filled with inks! I didn’t even look twice at them because they weren’t Distress, but he convinced me to get a few.


Please excuse the horrible photography; I was trying my best to avoid the shadows and reflection from my work surface.

Here’s my issue: for Christmas, C bought me a ton of stuff that I had picked out on Amazon to get me started with card making. One of which was a pack of Distress Ink.

They’ve frustrated me since day one. I just can’t get them to blend well. I’ve tried everything I can think of; more pressure, less pressure, swirl faster. No luck. Then tonight I tried the $1 ink. It changed my world! Just look at my scratch sheet.

This is just a piece of printer paper and I was completely half-assing it, just trying to figure out which colors I wanted to use. But even half-assed, see how much better the cheap ink (turquoise in the middle) looks than the Distress Ink? It’s not streaky and has much more even coverage. Look how blotchy my stamping is too:


I also feel like the cheapo covers a lot more space before I have to reink my blending tool; much different than the Distress. I feel like the DI doesn’t cover much space at all. And in my experience with them, they really don’t blend well. They just put down a ton of  ink right where you start, and the ink doesn’t really move around. It’s just streaky looking. I don’t see what all the hype’s about! What am I doing wrong?! I did the exact same thing with my new ink and it worked a thousand times better. I’m all for investing in $1 inks, but one of the things that intrigued me about the Distress Ink is how much you can do with them, different techniques. Has anybody tried different techniques with other inks {watercoloring, ‘smooshing’, etc.}?

Help a sister out here! What do you think of the Distress Ink? I am just having a case of operator error? What ink do you use? Teach me, oh wise one!

Don’t be shy in commenting – we’re all friends here! 🙂

“There are no strangers here; only friends you haven’t met yet.” -William Butler Yeats



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