Wedding photographer.

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Well we knocked something off the wedding checklist today – we locked down our photographer! It makes me dread having to deal with a DJ, florist, etc. though. I see why people hire wedding planners! 

So here’s the scoop. In high school I was pretty good friends with this girl who’s hobby was photography. After we graduated, she started doing it professionally, and she’s really good! I’ve been watching her work ever since {I can’t believe it’s been almost seven years since she and I graduated!}.

After talking to her on the phone a couple months ago, C and I decided to go with her. You can’t beat her prices. She does great work and charges about a quarter of the price of a shitty photographer. So I texted her a few weeks ago telling her that we do want to hire her and wanted to meet up to talk and sign the contract. It’s been a bit of a headache ever since.

A lot of, “I think I can do this day, let me check my book.” and never hear back. She’d ask what day was good for us, then when I’d answer, she wouldn’t respond for a week. So on… It was really starting to stress me out. We had finally agreed to meet up after work today, but then she texted at around 10:00 last night asking if we could do lunch instead. Of course I went over on my hour lunch break, but at least that part is done now. We paid our deposit, so we’re good to go. And she paid for our lunch, so that kind’ve made up for the hassle. 🙂

As much as it was very unprofessional there for a little while, I’m sure it’ll be fine from now on. I’m giving her the benefit of doubt because she did have to drive about an hour or more here to meet us. And she’s photographed a lot of our mutual friend’s weddings and they’re great, so she has a good track record. I’m really happy to have gotten her.

Next up – DJ. Wish me luck!



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