New cards.

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I went a little crazy with cards this weekend… 


You’ll have to excuse the photography; I work at the dining room table and the lighting is horrible. It’s like a spotlight pointed down at the table.

I was trying out a bunch of different techniques and what-not. Some turned out better than others, but overall, I feel like I’m slowly but surely getting better.


I was really happy with the way these turned out with the shadow. I did the purple one first, and wasn’t really happy with the way the white stamped, because you couldn’t hardly see it – even though I did it four times. So for the turquoise one, I used a different color for the shadow. In the end, I did like the white {except that it was hard to place the gold because I couldn’t hardly see where the white was} and now I don’t know which shadow color I like better! I was so happy with them, that I had to try it on black. What do you think? Do you like the way they turned out? Do you have a favorite of the three?


These were a complete accident and not at all what I was going for, but I think they look awesome! And C really liked them because they look like snake skin. That crazy man of mine!


This one’s a bit different, and I haven’t decided if I like it or not. When I was first planning it, I was thinking the two love stamps were the same size. I decided to go ahead with it, even after realizing they weren’t. It obviously would’ve looked better if they were the same, but I think that part still turned out okay. The part I’m iffy about is I wish I would’ve done the interior card a little bit bigger; not so much of a size difference from the vellum card. I think it would be better if the stamps were bigger; but most of my stamps are sentiments at this point.


I was super bummed that this one didn’t work out. Apparently embossing over embossing wasn’t the best idea. Oh well, I’m bound to have some trial and error. Also, you can see on that turquoise strip at the bottom, some of the adhesive was sticking out from the edge of it, and powder stuck to it. I scraped and scraped and removed as much as I could, and tried to tactfully place my gold stars to cover some, but I couldn’t fix it all.


I didn’t really have a plan for this card overall, I just wanted to try blending over versamark on it’s own, minus the embossing powder. I wanted the hearts to be subtle in the background. It obviously worked, they’re just a little more subtle than I wanted. Also my embossing powder went all wonky here, and I got too frustrated cleaning it up, so I just left it.

I’m getting better with blending the Distress Ink. That red, orange, yellow blending is with D.I., but I still prefer the pigment ink. I bought some new colors this weekend, as well as a super pretty gold metallic {that’s what I used in the prayers cards}.

What do you think? Any tips? Have you ever done the blending over just the ink on it’s own? If so, did you get better results than I did?

I hope you had a great weekend! 🙂



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