So much to be thankful for!

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What a week it has been!

First and foremost….. I said yes to the dress! Yall, it is STUNNING. It took every fiber of my being to not cry {I hate crying in front of people}; instead, I basically quit breathing. I felt so beautiful in it, and even though it was massive on me and there were clips everywhere, I didn’t want to take it off.

The plans changed again, and we did end up going on Friday last week. Which meant my sisters weren’t able to go, which I was super bummed about, but I was really happy that my aunt from out of state was able to be here. She’s more like my mom than my aunt. And I’m so very thankful to my future mother-in-law for paying for it.

We’ve also an appointment booked for next week with the florist. I feel so good checking things off the list, then I think, “Crap… We still need to book the baker, DJ, start looking for bridesmaid dresses and the guys’ suits, etc. etc. etc…” I’m not going to lie, it’s a little overwhelming.

While we were caught up in dress shopping, C was working from home. I think I mentioned in the last post, he’s got poison ivy again. He just had it a couple months ago! Last time he waited the longest time before going to the doctor. This time, as soon as he realized he had it again, he called the doctor and got the prescription refilled. However, it still was taking forever to heal! About 2 weeks in, I started giving him Benedryl at night because he wasn’t getting any sleep because of the pain. Since it’s for allergic reactions anyways, I wasn’t concerned about giving it to him, and it was helping.

Finally, it got to where it was almost gone. Then one night I went to bed before C and forgot to leave a Benedryl out for him. We were out at home, and I had been giving him the few that I had in my purse. When he couldn’t find them that night in the medicine drawer, he took a Nyquil.

The next morning he calls me and told me he had taken it, and that when he woke up his face was completely swollen, heart racing, and extremely light-headed and dizzy. He had already went in to work, so I went into mom-mode telling him to eat some crackers or something and drink lots of water. He called his doctor shortly thereafter and was told to go in immediately.

According to his doctor, the medicine he was on wasn’t to fight the poison ivy, but to help his body be a little more immune to it. When he took the Nyquil, it amplified everything and told the body to fight the poison ivy – essentially the complete opposite of what the Rx was doing – so they were counteracting each other and backfired.

The poison ivy was back with a vengeance; probably worse than it was to begin with.

His heartbeat was normal by the time he got to the doctor, and she told him he’d just have to wait it out for the Nyquil to get out of his system, but he was not feeling well at all for the rest of the day. The way he explained it to me sounded like, you know how when you have the flu and your whole body is achy and you have that stuffy head-cold feeling? That’s like what he was experiencing.

Thankfully he’s finally on the up-and-up again. I’m hoping he’s feeling well enough this weekend, because we want to go stay with my grandparents and take the canoe out finishing this weekend.

We’re also going to the basketball game Wednesday! We’re super excited.

Last but certainly not least – my aunt that I mentioned before had a scare last month where she ended up on the bathroom floor at work because she was having such bad stomach pains. Since then, she’s had lots of tests and procedures done. They were able to rule out a lot of things, which was good, but there were a lot of procedures that left unanswered questions, because where it was all originating from was such a difficult spot, and they couldn’t get access to see there. They had starting talking about cancer. Today we got the news….. It is NOT cancer! Thank God! We’ve had a lot going on in our family lately, health issues plus other things, and I just don’t think we could handle that. I know it would have destroyed my grandma. So we’re all super thankful and praising God for answered prayers.

Right after getting her text, this song came on my Slacker channel. How appropriate!


Have a great weekend!



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