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I’m having a wedding freak-out moment.

Where does one even buy bridesmaid dresses??

C’s lucky. Three out of four of his guys live in a different state, but all he’s got to do is go to a Men’s Warehouse or something, pick out the suit and color, and then have the guys go to their local Men’s Warehouse and be fitted. Easy peasy. But what am I supposed to do?? I have a rather… diverse group of girls, so I figure a convertible dress is going to be the best option.


Because it’s a pretty ‘basic’ dress, a lot of places online have them for around $50 each, but then I have to worry about them not fitting/alterations/returns. Yuck… David’s Bridal has one and I could do like C’s going to do with the guys, but I don’t know that I trust the girls to get there to be fitted. One, yes. One is out of state and underage, and I don’t think her guardian would take her. The other two, as much as I love them, just aren’t very responsible.

So what’s a girl to do?? Do you think it’d be okay ordering online somewhere? Or should I pay more to stick with a more reputable company like David’s? Any other recommendations for places to get bridesmaid dresses?

On the wedding note – C didn’t stab the florist during our consultation. She hasn’t sent the estimate yet, but the numbers she was saying while we were there were about what I was expecting, and we felt that they were reasonable.

I’m going to get my hair done tonight and going to ask about her doing my hair for the wedding. The only bummer is that our wedding isn’t here, so every local vendor I get, I will have to pay a travel fee.

And I don’t know what I’m going to do about the girls’ hair. Is it rude to tell them that there will be a stylist there, but that if they want their hair done, they’ll have to pay for it? Should I pay to have their hair done? Is there a customary practice with this?

I haven’t been to a wedding since I was little, and I’m really starting to wish I could’ve been a bridesmaid/MOH at some point, so I’d know a little more about some of these things. So I’m counting on you! Help me out here!



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3 thoughts on “Help?!?

  1. Regarding the hair stylist, what I did was send an invite, letting the bridesmaids know they didn’t have to use my stylist, but if they wanted to, they’d have to book a specific time. I then told them what it would cost and suggested they bring cash for tipping. No more was said about it, and everyone was happy.

    On the flower front, I wrote an article this morning about paper wedding flowers on Etsy (in case you want to save some money). You might be interested in taking a look. Hope you enjoy it!

    Good luck!


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