Weekend wrap-up

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I swear, we meet some of the most interesting people. Odd too, but that’s okay, we’re all a little odd. 🙂

{This is going to be a long-winded post, I apologize in advance.}

There’s this big metal scrap yard type thing in a neighboring town that C’s been wanting to go to for a while, so we finally decided to ride down Saturday. Thankfully unfortunately he slept through his alarm {and I turned it off, hehe..} so by the time we got there, he only had about 45 minutes until they closed, so he was forced to get straight to the point and get the metal he went for.

For the most part, this town is pretty much a shithole. For that reason, neither of us have spent much time there. But since it was an hour drive, each way, and we had nothing else to do, we decided to make a day of it. I was looking on Trip Advisor and found a place we decided we’d check out, but first, food. I worked up an appetite following C around the scrap yard like a puppy dog.

Where we were at was less than a mile from the ‘downtown,’ – one of the only nice places in the city. Mind you, the downtown is one street, about two blocks long. That’s where the place we wanted to go was, so we went down, parked, and ate at a Mediterranean restaurant there on the strip. It was fantastic! They had a lunch for two special that came with four different things, plus a greek salad for each of us. It was all delicious. I’d say it’s a little Ma and Pa’s place; it looked like it used to be a two story house that was made into a restaurant.


The place we wanted to go, The Corkscrew, was on that same strip, just about a block down. It was such an interesting place. Here they make their own beer and wine. You can drink it by the glass or flight, they sell it in bottles, and you can also make your own beer and wine there. They let you do everything, and just give directions as you go, then you leave it there and they monitor it throughout the fermentation process and everything, and you come back and pick it up however long later. Like I said, really cool concept and even cooler place. Here’s a few pictures:


When you first walk in the door, to the right, there’s a long table in front of the window and some couches to relax in. And a ton of crazy corkscrews covering the wall.


Straight ahead this is what you see. There’s another table in the middle of the room, and on the right, you can see part of the L-shaped bar. The cart is where a couple was making wine a few minutes before.


This was the room in the back. Can you imaging having a dinner party at that table?!


Around the table were some of the carboys with yum-yums in process. When you make a drink, you decorate a paper bag, and it gets hung around the neck so you can identify yours.


Nice little area outside too where they do live music Friday and Saturday nights.


Of course, we each got flights. C got two beers and one wine, I got two wines and one beer. There were two carboys in particular that caught my eye – a green apple something or another, and a peach moscato. Unfortunately, they didn’t have either available to drink on tap, or for sale in bottles. We ended up talking to the owner for a while and found out that they got wiped out at Christmas, so they’re working on getting more stuff made, said it’s almost finished. We may go back at some point, but honestly, we weren’t really blown away with what we had. The one beer I had was their light. It’s pretty hard to mess up a light beer. C had two dark beers and said that it tasted like someone who just started making beer and didn’t really know what they were doing. His wine was good, mine were nothing to write home about.

So all in all, cool place to hang out, but that’s about all that it’s got going for it.

We kept walking and happened upon a jewelry store. I swear, C would talk to a damn tree if it’d talk back to him {he comes by it honest}, and naturally, struck up a conversation with the woman working in there. That was another hour long conversation. She was from England, so we were talking to her about our honeymoon, places we’re thinking about {still undecided}, and she was telling us places she’d recommend, based off of what we told her we like to do. She ended up knowing our whole life story. Super sweet woman though, I almost thought she was going to hug us when we left.

And on the wedding front, things are well underway. We received the proposal from the florist, looks good, now just waiting for her to send the contract so we can sign that and pay the deposit. We’re in the process of getting C’s passport renewed; got the paperwork part done, he just needs to go get a picture.  I reached out to the hotel that we’re going to get a group rate at, just waiting to hear back from them. And I’ve reached out to a DJ for more info/pricing.

An issue that I’ve run into, and I didn’t even think about it when we picked the venue – it’s in a ‘if you blink, you’ll miss it’ town. There’s nothing there. Then the neighboring town, where the hotel is, there’s really not much there either. So when I was looking for DJ’s, I found two that looked promising, but then when I went to contact them, I realized they’re both an hour and a half or more away from the venue. I really don’t want to have to pay a travel fee, so I contacted the DJ that was highly recommended by the venue. He’s closer and has done a lot of weddings there. We’ll see what his prices are though. It may end up being cheaper to pay a travel fee for one of the other people. On my list today is contacting places about a cake. I’ve looked briefly and same thing – hardly no places anywhere close. Probably going to have to expand my radius with that too.

Once we find a DJ and bakery that we’re interested in, we’re going to try to line it all up to where we can go down and do our tasting at the venue, cake tasting, and DJ meeting all the same day. The venue’s really not that far, it’s an hour and a half from our house, but we both hate driving, so we want to go down as few times as possible.

When I got my hair done the other night, I asked my stylist if she does styling for events. Unfortunately, no. She said there used to be a girl that worked there that did styling and makeup, but she left to do her own thing. She doesn’t have a website, but she gave me her Instagram name. I’m not on Instagram, so I’ll have to use C’s account to stalk her. Hehe.

The hotel I mentioned, Nana had been to a baby shower there and mentioned it as a potential venue option back when. It didn’t work out as that, but it’s just right down the road from the venue. So last time we were there, she took us by the hotel to look around, and it won us over. They have a lot to offer for family and friends to do during their stay.

While we were there, I noticed they had a little spa, and I mentioned to C’s mom that it was nice and convenient for us girls to get our nails or whatever done there the day before. Well I had forgot about that until I was on their website contacting them about a group rate. I started looking at the spa page, and they have a bridal package, hair and makeup, for $99. However, they didn’t have any pictures of their work, and I couldn’t find any online, so that makes me a little nervous. May have to add that to our list of places to go next time we’re down there. But if it works out, that’d be super convenient!

Aside from the honeymoon, our other big dilemma is where to register. Since we’ve lived together for a while, there’s really nothing we need, so we’re going to ask for Home Depot gift cards to use towards some of our home projects. My Nana gets invited to a ton of weddings, and she said she’s seen on a lot lately where people set up a wedding GoFundMe for people to give money. So we’ll probably do that too. C’s sister told me there’s another site that’s essentially the same as GoFundMe, but it’s specifically for weddings. Has anybody else heard of that? Then I know there will be people who want to actually give a gift, so we are going to register at one store for things like towels, sheets, pots/pans – things that we already have, but it’s time to replace them. And we can’t decide what store that should be. Obviously it needs to be a place that has a storefront as well as a website, and needs to be middle-of-the-road price wise. I’ve named off a ton of places, but where it becomes a challenge is because every place I’ve named, C doesn’t like their pots and pans. I don’t give two shits when it comes to that, because I don’t cook. Any recommendations??

One other thing that I’d like some input on – the golf course where we’re getting married has some houses that they rent out {the owners are seasonal}. Last time we were there, we met with the guy who handles that and were able to see a few of them. They’re beautiful homes, 3-4 bedrooms each, and all have a pool {not that we’ll be using it in November}. Originally, we wanted to reserve some for the bridal party and immediate family to stay there on-site. However, it turns out there’s only four houses that will be available that weekend. We worked and worked with the numbers and names and how to arrange people, and just don’t think it’ll work out. Figured it’d be best that we all just stay there at the hotel, which will be fine. However, I wish C and I could get one for the two of us for the wedding night. Not only would it be super convenient for after-party purposes, everyone could just walk there from the venue, but it’d also be nice for everyone to hang out there the next morning {hangover brunch}. And it’d give us a big beautiful place to enjoy our wedding night. The hotel is nice, but they don’t have suites and the rooms are a bit dated. But these houses are meant to be shared, so for just the two of us, it’d be a pretty penny. And we would NOT be sharing it; despite what C says, I will not be putting a sock on the bedroom door on our wedding night. Just no. Too close for comfort. What do you think? Worth the splurge, or should we just stay at the hotel?

On another little sidebar, I titled this post “Weekend wrap up” because I did actually start writing Monday morning. Monday afternoon I received a text…… from my grandpa! I couldn’t pick my jaw up off the floor because I was too busy laughing hysterically. I’m talking cry-laughing for a solid 10 minutes. Then I continued to laugh throughout the rest of the day every time I would think about it. Here’s the kicker – so we each send two or three messages back and forth, then mid-conversation I get, “Over and out.” Oh. Okay. I guess he was tired of talking to me! Lol. I love that man.

I hope you have a great Pi Day!



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