Rainy day and mood.

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After work yesterday I typed out this big long blog post because, as usual, I had a ton to say. 

Our internet at home is horrible and I was watching Hulu {Once Upon a Time! :)}, so I didn’t want to overwhelm the internet – she’s sensitive and will have a meltdown – so instead of writing the post here on WordPress, I was writing in Word. I figured I’d just hop online and copy and paste once my show was over. However, 2/3 of the way through my post, my computer died and apparently that laptop doesn’t have auto-save…

Oh well, I got it all out there and feel better, so I won’t be re-writing it all. I know, I’m sure you’re really broken up about it.

Today would have been my Nana’s 93rd birthday. Whoever said it get’s easier with time was on drugs. It gets harder every single day. I miss her like crazy. But I take comfort in knowing that I’ll get to see her again, and I know that I wouldn’t be the woman that I am if it weren’t for the great relationship I had with her. Every day I continue to strive to be just half the woman she was; if I can do that, I’ll be doing alright.

This gloomy, rainy, stormy weather is reflecting my mood today.

I grabbed the link for this video from YouTube, but I couldn’t listen to the song. Not yet anyways. I don’t need waterworks at work.



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