“It is finished.”

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I’ve got so many thoughts this morning and just can’t seem to find the words. 

Wow. Wow is all I’ve come up with. As I reflect on the Easter weekend, as always, I am in awe of my Savior. While Easter is a time to rejoice and celebrate our salvation and the rebirth of Jesus, it’s also so bittersweet, as it is a painful reminder of His cruel death.

Like I said, I’ve been very mindful the last few days, to the point where my prayers have been something along the lines of, “God, I don’t know the words, but you know what’s on my heart.”

I hope you had a great Easter weekend!

In other news, we got some more wedding stuff taken care of this weekend. We went down to the venue and did our tasting and talked through some other details {tablecloth colors, what direction will I enter the ceremony from, timeline of events, etc.}.

We then went back to the hotel that we’ll be recommending to family and friends to try to get some information about a group rate. I swear, the most frustrating thing I’ve experienced with wedding planning is people not answering phones or returning calls/emails. So aggravating! Last time we went, I was given somebody’s card to get in touch with. Haven’t been able to get ahold of her. That’s why we went back, to try to talk to somebody is person. This time I was given two other people’s cards. Apparently nobody even knows who I need to talk to!

Last time we were at the hotel, I noticed they had a spa, and in looking at their website, saw that they have a bunch of wedding packages for hair/nails/makeup/massages/etc. Figured that would be super convenient, and since it’s right there where we’d be staying, that’s one less vendor I’d have to coordinate times with. But I couldn’t for the life of me find any pictures of their work. So that was a second reason I wanted to go back to the hotel, to go to the spa and see if they had pictures I could look at. Nope. She said, “We can do whatever you want, and we recommend a dry run the day before the wedding.” That is not very reassuring. Why would you not have any pictures?? And if I’m not happy with the dry run, it’s a little late to be finding someone else! So scratch that idea..

Third stop was Publix. C’s mom had asked if we had looked into getting the cake from a grocery store, and mentioned that Publix does nice cakes. I’d never even thought about that, and never seen a Publix wedding cake. So a week or so ago, when C and I were in our local Publix, we browsed through their book. They did have some nice ones, but none that I was completely in love with. So we decided to go to the Publix down by the venue to talk to them to see if they strictly do what’s in the book, or if they can do something custom. We didn’t get much information, because it was a complete madhouse in there, and the woman helping us I think was new, she didn’t know much. But what we did gather is that for a custom order, the price goes up, and the base price {not custom} for a buttercream cake in the size that we need is $400. No thank you.. For that price, I’ll just use a baker.

We wrapped up the day at a brewery/winery. I swear, I always find the best places. To say it was a hole-in-the-wall would be an understatement, it looked super sketchy from the outside! {I stole this picture from Google; it looked worse when we were there.} But it was fantastic! Added bonus: you could get three free wine tastings and beer flights were super cheap. We ended up leaving slightly drunk and with three bottles. An apple wine, peach wine, and caramel vanilla port.


That’s about it for our weekend. After church yesterday we did some yard work then bummed around the house.

C’s dad will be at our house for a few days this week, starting this evening, then this weekend, we’re going to have a little party at our house. A while back, we bought a whole turkey because it was just too good of a deal to pass up. We kept saying we needed to thaw it and cut it up so all we have to do is pull a ziploc out when we want turkey for dinner, but we just haven’t gotten around to it. Last week, I mentioned to C that we should thaw it out and have some friends over for an Easter dinner, but one of the guys was going to be out of town, so we decided we’d do it this weekend. However, hind-sight’s 20-20; I shouldn’t have brought it up. We had a Memorial day cookout last year and had a blast, and knew we’d be having another this year. Well, the day kind’ve snuck up on me; I didn’t realize it’s next month. We damn near went broke last year with it. I mean, most people brought a side, and some people brought drinks, but for the most part, we supplied the beer and also the ribs and chicken. And there were a lot of people.. So if I wasn’t so quick to open my trap, we could’ve/should’ve just planned to have the turkey on Memorial day. Oh well.. We may just opt for burgers and hotdogs this year.

I hope you have a great week,


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