Mind. Blown.

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My life was changed forever last night. 

I discovered……… you can microwave spaghetti squash! Who knew?! Where has this information been my whole life?!

Here is where found this wealth of knowledge. Jaden at Steamy Kitchen – I love you.

I will add a little disclaimer though – the squash had a watered down taste to it. I don’t know if maybe my holes weren’t big enough {I made little X’s all over the squash}, or if that’s just how it goes when you nuke it, but I didn’t particularly care for that. However, I didn’t make the recipe on that article, just had the squash plain as a simple side. But I’m sure if you did the microwaving, scooped out the goodie, then sauteed it for a minute, it’d be fine. Regardless, it took 10 minutes, people! That’s it!

You can thank me later. 😉



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