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Is it just me, or is striving for ‘picture perfect’ a thing of the past?  I feel like these days, it’s all about ‘Pinterest perfect,’ which is even worse! As if ‘picture perfect’ didn’t leave people discontent enough, ‘Pinterest perfect’ just creates unachievable expectations. I’ve realized this now more than ever during this time of wedding planning.

I told myself early on to not get attached to anything I see on the internet. I knew that Pinterest would show the best of the best, accompanied with the highest of high price tag. But then I would click on things and think, “Oh, that’s totally reasonable!” Say wedding dresses for example. I had never shopped for a wedding dress before, so I had no idea what they cost. So yeah, that website showed a reasonable price, which I now know is because they are knock-offs. Had I purchased from one of those sites {not that I’d ever buy a wedding dress on the internet}, I’d probably split my crack the moment I bust out my first dance move. Granted, my dance moves have much to be desired, but we won’t get into that. Let’s just say, C’s making me take dance lessons before the wedding.


But we’ve seen this time and time again. With my dress, C’s suit, flowers, and I’m sure it’ll be the same scenario when we meet with the baker for the cake. Yeah, we could get these things we see on the internet, but it’s going to be completely custom, built from the ground up. And I can assure you, that would be way out of our budget.

Here’s another example: Prior to our florist appointment, she sent me a sheet to fill out with basic info so we wouldn’t have to go through that at our appointment {contact info, how many bridesmaids, how many groomsmen, etc.}, and one of the things it asked for were types of flowers we I like. One that I listed was poppies. She also said that if I had a Pinterest board, she asked that I send it to her so she’d get a better idea of what I like. I did, and there were plenty of poppies. However, we get to our appointment, only to find out that you can’t even get poppies in the US. They can’t be shipped in because they’re an opium.

Then again with C’s suit. We both fell in love with this suit, and though we knew we wouldn’t find that exact one, we were on the hunt for something similar.


We went to so many stores and even looked into our options for having a custom suit made, and again found that it really just doesn’t exist. Sure, for the right price you can make it exist, but that “right price” would probably be more than our entire wedding budget.

That’s a bit of an exaggeration… But not by much!

Or he could buy it from one of the many Pinterest links, probably for around $50, and the material would be so thin that there’d be a hole rubbed through the inner thighs, just from him walking down the isle!

Do you get where I’m going with all this?!

I mean, I’m a realist. Like I said, I knew I wouldn’t get exactly what I saw online. I used the internet more so to get my juices flowing and figure out what styles I did and didn’t like. But I’m sure there are people who end up so disappointed! And then I’m sure there’s also people with seams coming apart on the side of their dress because they caved to Pinterest.

Screw you, Pinterest!

Now don’t get me wrong, I love all of my stuff! Actually, the day we got my dress, I looked at my Pinterest board later that afternoon and realized that I liked my dress more than any dress that I had pinned! I am confident that our florist completely understood what we want and is going to deliver, and C loves his suit!

I may or may not have teared up when he tried it on.. Partially because he just looked so darn handsome, but primarily because I am just so lucky. I feel like we – I won’t even say ‘we,’ I’ll just speak for myself here – I’ve gotten so caught up in the wedding planning, that I’ve almost lost track of what it’s really all about. I’ve gotten carried away in looking for the perfect dress/suit/flowers/cake/centerpieces, that I forget how fortunate I am. I’m marrying my best friend. The man of my dreams. I have the best family I could ever ask for by my side supporting me. And we’re financially able to have a nice wedding.

I read this one time and have never forgotten it, “Love isn’t finding a perfect person. It’s finding an imperfect person perfect.” Isn’t that the truth?! Well you know what, our wedding may not be Pinterest perfect, but it’s going to be perfect for us!


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