Here comes the bride… and her shopping list!

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Work is not happening today. I’m here, but I’ve got wedding on the mind this morning!

So I figure, what the heck, I’ll talk out some of my thoughts and bring you along for a little of my planning.

I think I may have mentioned on here before, but originally, I was thinking about convertible dresses for the bridesmaids. For a few reasons – but I won’t get into all of that. However, things changed, and I decided I’d look at some other options. I mean, the convertibles aren’t bad looking dresses, just a little plain. You know how it goes, brides; you want your girls to look good, just not better than you. 😉 I found a few Mori Lee’s that I liked for them {I wasn’t surprised, considering that’s the same designer of my dress}, but naturally, no prices.

Here’s a couple I was looking at – the 105 and 21534.

So this weekend, I went to the boutique where I got my dress to see if they had any of the ones I was looking at in stock. I struck out. There was some that were similar though, and most were in the $150-$250 range.

C was out of town so I had nothing better to do, so I then went to David’s to look. Their’s too were primarily in the $150-$250 range.

We’re paying for all of the wedding party’s clothes, and I just couldn’t see spending hundreds of dollars on dresses. And like I told C, no matter how nice they are, the odds of them being worn again are slim. So I’m back on the convertible dress train. They’re a dime a dozen online, and I can get all of them for less than the cost of one of the other dresses I looked at. So these are likely the dresses they’ll end up with:


I’ve also been thinking that I’m going to progressively start buying some of the smaller things {vow books, my shoes, etc.}, so I don’t get hit with buying them all at the same time at the last minute. So these are some of the things that I/we have been looking at; let me know what you think!

To segway from clothes, I’ve also been looking for my jewelry. Because of my dress, I won’t be wearing a necklace. I don’t want to take away from the dress, so my earrings I want to be simple, but still classy. I think these are the ones I’m going to get.


I actually like the style of the top of these better, but I feel like they look cheap. At least with the ones above, the CZ’s look better. Which is kind’ve crazy, considering they’re from the same seller.


But I love pearls, especially when they’re the rough shape like these. Just looks more natural as opposed to when they’re perfectly round.

So, simple and classy – what do you think, are these a winner?

Obviously, we need invitations to send out in a few months. We originally were talking about these:

But I think now we’ve decided we’re going to go with these:


I still think the first ones are more elegant looking, but our thinking is this: they’ll hang on people’s fridge for a few months, then go in the trash. So they’re not something that we want to spend a lot of time or money on. Not that the first ones are expensive, but they’re more than the second, plus would require us me putting them together. No thank you. Stuffing, addressing, and stamping envelopes is enough for me. Thoughts?

Next up, I’ve been thinking about the gift table. The venue has a bird cage on a stand that they said a lot of people use for people to put their cards in, but I just didn’t really care for that idea. I saw a box like this at TJ Maxx this weekend, and thought that’d look better.


I found this sign that I’ll probably get for the table:


I had thought about also having something on the table for people who want to give ‘honey-money’, but C’s sister beat me to it and made us a shadowbox for Christmas with a slot in the top.

I think this poem is super cute, and I’ve been debating having it next to the box. {I’d remake it in a better font and put it in a nice frame.} What do you think?


I’ll also probably get a couple of these signs for the two family tables next to the head table.


And lastly, I want to have a bouquet charm with a picture of my great-grandmother who I was very very close to. I’ve had my eye on this one:


I’ve seen others that look a little nicer, but I like that this one is double-sided, so I can have her picture on one side and handwriting on the other.

I’ve got a million other things running through my head, but I should probably do some work now…

Let me know what you think! Do you like my choices? Do you think I should put that poem on the gift table?

Have a great week,


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