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If you follow or are subscribed to my blog {which you should be! 😉 }, you’ve probably noticed that I’m a bit of a private person on here. 

I was never that way when I was on Facebook. I was only friends with people I truly knew and I had my page set to private. After that, I figured if you wanted to see my silly status updates bad enough to break through the security system, then more power to you. Here is different, the blog is public. And I know there are some seriously creepy people out there! That being said, I don’t post pictures of C and I, I don’t say where I live or where I’m from, and I don’t name the places we go, just things like “a local brewery” or “a neighboring town.” C thinks I’m a bit of a weirdo for being that way and doesn’t think it’s a big deal…… coming from the man who posts anything on his public Instagram..

Have you ever heard the saying, “You don’t need to tell me how the clock works, I just need to know the time.”? I tell that to people all the time, but I’m guilty of always having to explain how the clock works before I can tell you the time. Hehe. Anyways, I am headed somewhere with all of this – just had to tell a story first before I could get there.

One of the girls I watch on YouTube did a ’30 random things about me’ video recently. I think I can do that while still not giving out enough information to get me killed by a creepy internet stalker.

I may not make it to 30 – I always have such a hard time describing myself; why is that?? But I’m going to give it my best ditch effort. So here we go, 30 things that you probably don’t know about me.

  1. I have three sisters; I am the second to the oldest. I used to be so close to the youngest that people legitimately thought she was my daughter instead of my sister.
  2. I got gray hair really young, and started coloring it before I was even old enough to drive – I want to say around 13.
  3. I have an Associate’s degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Organizational Management.
  4. I hate my job, but I love the company.
  5. C and I have always wanted to buy, redo, and resell houses. He and I combined have done a lot of things {put up walls, installed flooring, tiled showers, built cabinets, etc.}, so I think we’d be able to do most of it ourselves. It’s something that we’ve had many serious conversations about, and I can honestly see ourselves doing it in the next 5-10 years.
  6. There are no words to describe my love affair with coffee. I’m pretty certain I would stab somebody if I didn’t have it.
  7. I am truly marrying my best friend…
  8. …but the other 49% of my heart belongs to my dog. 😉 I mean, look at this face! IMG_5061
  9. ‘When I grow up’ I want to be a nomad. The desire to see the world and experience other cultures just eats at me. I could never understand how people can be perfectly content in staying in one place, not having a curiosity about what else is out there. I love going on adventures and getting to see new places. Whether it be an hour up the road, cross-country, or across oceans, I’m happy!
  10. A few years back, I took a cruise by myself. It was super last minute – I thought about it, decided, took the PTO, and bought the ticket, all about 2 days before the cruise left. Everyone still thinks I’m crazy, I still think it was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.
  11. I love live music.
  12. Anytime C and I travel, we always like to try out a local brewery.
  13. I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie, and if it’s going to make my heart beat out of my chest, I want to do it! I loved sky diving, scuba diving, bungee jumping, and zip lining. I really want to swim with sharks next.
  14. I love being outdoors. Camping, hiking, canoeing, hunting, fishing. That’s my jam!
  15. I used to race mud trucks. These were a few:
  16. I’m shocked that I’ve made it half way!
  17. I have a big family, and with the exception of one rotten apple, I have great relationships with everybody. And I’d say I talk to about 90% of them regularly. It doesn’t matter if it’s by marriage, if there’s been divorce, if they’re what I call “family but not really” {which there are a lot of those}; I have a very loving family. I can’t wait for the wedding to have everyone together.
  18. C makes fun of me for having “dad jokes.” I crack myself up all the time, to the point of tears and not breathing. Other people laugh at me, not with me, but that’s quite alright. Seriously, the cheesier the better. Funny-jokes-2017
  19. When I was younger, mom always made my older sister and I match. All the way down to our white Keds with reflectors laced on. 90’s kids all the way!
  20. I am an organization freak and have slight OCD. And while I want to be spontaneous, I actually get a bit of anxiety if something comes up that wasn’t noted in my planner weeks ahead of time.
  21. I’m actually a good writer, but only when it’s something I want to write about. I never did very well writing papers in school, because it wasn’t me wanting to write. I felt like there was a noose around my pencil and I was forced to write what they wanted and meet all these specific requirements. But I always received praise when it was just me writing free-form.
  22. I enjoy having a creative outlet and would say that I’m a crafty person. Making cards, wreaths, floral arrangements, and anything in-between makes me happy.
  23. I hate technology and technology hates me.
  24. I love reading, but don’t do it as much as I’d like. I always said that would change once I graduated, but it didn’t.
  25. My favorite snack is fruits and veggies, but I’m a lazy eater. I don’t want to fight for my food, so if it requires peeling or cutting, it’s not happening. Crap food is much more convenient, and sadly, cheaper.
  26. I have a weakness for starches. I could eat pasta and/or potatoes every day if C would let me. I’m thankful that he keeps me from becoming 400 pounds.
  27. I hate clothes shopping.
  28. I’ve only ever broken one bone – the toe next to my pinky. I was cheerleading in the house barefooted, practicing my jumps, and one time when I landed, that toe folded under my foot {how is that even possible??} and I landed on it. Right where the toe meets the foot, the bone snapped.
  29. I have vitiligo.
  30. My teeth are extremely close together and it is excruciating pain for me to floss. Not to mention, it bleeds so bad you’d think I bit my tongue off. And therefore, I don’t hardly ever floss. It’s so bad, that even dentists have told me that instead of flossing, I should buy one of those water picks. I have a mouth full of fillings, all of them are between my teeth due to not flossing. But I’d choose the cavities over flossing any day.

I did it! Now don’t you feel so full of worthless knowledge now? Haha. I’m not going to lie, that was tough! And I don’t even want to tell you how long it took me to come up with 30 things. Think you could do it?

Have a great weekend!


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