And the people say..?

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I was looking this morning and was shocked to find out that it has been almost a year since I started this blog! Yep, my first post was July 7, 2016. That means it’s been a year since I quit Facebook, and God does it feel good!

I wouldn’t say I’ve hit it big in the world of blogging by any means, but I get a decent amount a views, a handful of likes/comments/messages per post, and I think I have enough followers to warrant this post.

While I use the blog as an outlet for myself, I also know that it’s not like a private diary. It’s on the internet for crying out loud; there’s nothing more public than that. So while I’m going to continue posting whatever strikes my fancy and it will be personal, I want to provide content that people actually want to read.

I have a few posts on the back-burner that have been on standby for a while. I’ve got a crafty post, a beauty/makeup/skincare post, another “from funk to functional,” a workout post, and C and I have also had a few adventures lately that I could share. But I’m curious, what do you most enjoy seeing?

If you’ve never noticed, I have seven categories that I divide my posts in to:

  • Funnies {Jokes, funny pictures, etc.} 
  • Projects {DIYs, repurposes, cards, wreaths, etc.} 
  • Pups
  • Religion
  • Travel and Sights
    • Getaways
    • Local
  • Wedding
  • Uncategorized {This is like the junk drawer that I know we all have in our homes. It’s the catch-all for posts that don’t fit in any of the other categories.}

You can find the categories on the right hand side of the screen, or if you’re on a tablet or phone, they’re at the bottom. You can click on a category to see only the posts within that category.

So in honor of my almost first anniversary, I’d like to take a little poll. Completely confidential, you don’t have to put your name or anything. I just want to get an idea of what types of things I should post more of.

So take a gander around then let me know, what type of posts do you like the most? Click here to vote.

I appreciate the feedback!



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