What in the world have I been up to?!

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Yall, I just realized that I haven’t posted a ‘life update’ in quite some time, and we have been on quite a few adventures since then! So I’ve got lots to share! I’ll try to keep it short, sweet, and to the point… But you know, it’s me we’re talking about. Am I ever really short? Or sweet?

About a month ago, C and I wanted something to do to get us out of the house, but we didn’t want to leave town. When that happens, I’ll usually get online and look up “things to do in {our city}” or look on Trip Advisor. You know, like, what would the attractions be if I were a tourist here? Most of what’s on Trip Advisor we’ve done; the museums, parks, etc. But there’s some things that we’ve just never gotten around to, and occasionally new things are added.

What I found this day has been open for a while, but we had never heard of it. We would have definitely been before now if so… Apparently we have a winery here in town! So off we went.

Unfortunately, we didn’t really care for their wine. It was all sweet, and C doesn’t like sweet wine. I don’t mind sweet wines, and they sounded delicious, but they were even too sweet for me. I could barely drink the tastings; I definitely couldn’t see myself drinking a glass.

These were the flavors:

  • Blackberry Bliss
  • Dry Blueberry
  • Green Apple Affair
  • Peachy Perfection
  • Pomegranate Passion
  • Raspberry Romance
  • Semi-Sweet Blueberry
  • Sweet Blueberry
  • Sweet Strawberry Sensation
  • Windsor White
  • Windsor Red

But at least now we can say we’ve been, and we killed a couple hours.


The following weekend some of my family was here from down south; they had just got a new camper and were giving it a trial run. They stayed at my grandparents’ for a few days, then Nana and Papa went camping with them for a few days. So C and I went down Saturday and spent some time with everyone, stayed the night, then followed them all to the campground on Sunday and spent the day there. Unfortunately the weather got nasty Sunday afternoon, but we still had a good time.



Last weekend we made an IKEA trip. Don’t even ask how that went; my wallet is still crying. I’ll post pictures of the outcome here soon! But you know that’s like an all day affair, so of course we had to eat first. We tried out a mexican place we’d never been. I think it’s probably a chain, but it was pretty good.


Then this past Thursday was probably the best day of wedding planning thus far. Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed dress shopping, but hello….. cake tasting!! Holy crap yall, these were so delicious!


I’m not going to show you what we’re going with as far as design, I’ve got to leave a little bit to the imagination! But we did get a four-tier and decided to play it safe with flavors: chocolate, vanilla, and red velvet, with cream cheese frosting. But if it were just my cake, I would’ve went with the pumpkin {and I don’t even like pumpkin!}, key lime/pina colada, and blueberry/lemon.

I wouldn’t call this one an adventure, but I’m going to share anyways. One of our many “after wedding projects” {2018 is going to be an expensive year!} is replacing the flooring in our house. Everything except one bathroom is getting replaced. We’re going to keep carpet in the bedrooms, then in the rest of the house we’re going to do the ceramic tile that looks like wood.

We were planning on doing the really dark stuff {walnut looking}. We both love the look of that, but were having some hesitations.

  1. We want to paint the house prior to the floors being replaced, but we’re super nervous about it. We have a pretty open floor plan, so it’s going to be a huge area all painted the same color. Also, the inside of the house is pretty dark in the afternoon. So we’ve been really hesitant about buying paint because we don’t want it to be too dark. If it’s too dark, then we get dark brown floors, it’ll look like a dang cave in there. It’s just hard to tell without having the floors in.
  2. About a year ago, C started making furniture for the house – bookshelf, hall table, entertainment center, and there’s a lot more he has on the to-do list. We love dark furniture, but in anticipation of having dark floors, again, we didn’t want it to look like a cave with dark floors and dark furniture. We really don’t like light furniture though, like sycamore, so we wanted a happy medium. Not too dark, not too light, not too expensive. We decided on cherry. It met the criteria and he already had a decent amount of it on hand. Then the other day he hits me with, “I really hate cherry furniture.” What?!

I was thinking we could transition to pecan or hickory. It’s close enough in darkness that it wouldn’t be a drastic difference from the cherry stuff he’s already made. But then the other day we were in Home Depot; AKA, our second home. We were in flooring, because I wanted to get one of the dark tiles to put against the wall where we swatched paint samples. While we were there, I told C I wanted to meander around. We’ve had our minds so set on the dark floors that we never even looked at anything else. Then we saw this.

IMG_0293I love it! It’s not too dark, not too light, and I think the ‘wood look’ is much more realistic than on the dark stuff. And we could do dark furniture with this no problem. C is torn, he likes this but still likes the dark too. But he liked how big of tiles these were – 9×48.

This display didn’t have a picture of a room like they usually do, so I looked it up:


They look a little more red here as opposed to the tiles we saw, so that shows me that when we are ready to buy, we definitely need to buy in person so we can look at the tiles. I like what we saw better than the redish ones in the picture. But I still think it looks good with that dark vanity.

Around the end of the year when we actually get closer to doing the floors, we’ll go to an actual flooring store, and I’m sure we’ll find other stuff we like. But you know, happy wife, happy life. He’ll end up seeing it my way eventually. 🙂

Okay, that’s about as short as I can be! I hope yall all had a great weekend and have a good, safe, 4th of July!



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