From funk to functional! – Laundry room

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FINALLY! The post that I’ve wanted to write for so long, but honestly, just haven’t had the time to sit down and download the pictures.

Remember my laundry room? Remember how much I hated it, but it was going to be an ‘after wedding’ project? Yeah, no… That didn’t happen. I couldn’t take it anymore.

To recap, here’s where we were before:


The room is long and narrow. Immediately on the left is our pantry, followed by the air handler, then the washer and dryer.

There were a few things that really peeved me.

  1. The air handler being exposed. Eventually we’re going to drywall this in, but for the time being, there wasn’t much I could do.
  2. The builder-grade cabinets.
  3. Long empty wall with just the electrical panels and a shelf that hardly got used.

First things first, I recruited C to help me rip out the cabinets. This ended up being a lot more difficult than I anticipated. The previous home owners were complete idiots and half-assed a lot of things, and I should’ve known that this would be no exception. I mean, how do you do this to a screw?!


They were almost all like that. As hard as we tried, we just weren’t able to get most of them out, so we ended up literally ripping the thing off the wall.

Since we have now replaced both our washer and dryer and they’re both front-loaders now, I really wanted a counter-top to fold clothes on. C made me a beautiful pecan top to match our kitchen cabinets. He also left a small gap between the appliances and the counter to allow for heat flow. Something I never would’ve thought about but makes total sense! What would I do without that man?? {Other than maybe catch our house on fire.}

He got a little trigger happy about installing it, which made painting and patching holes a nightmare.


We had forgotten how bad that mint green was!

Next up was a trip to IKEA for new shelves. I had my mind set on floating shelves, but C insisted that they have some sort of bracket for additional support, so I found these with the little end-cap brackets that I was happy with. We weren’t going to be able to get both ends in studs, but he wanted at least one end to be, which meant that I wasn’t able to have the shelves centered over the counter {did I mention that we butt heads a little during this project??}.


But it all worked out; I had this floral arrangement elsewhere in the house, so I repurposed it to here, and I think it filled in the gap perfectly. Almost looks intentional. 😉


Then for accessorizing. I wasn’t about to having people seeing the ugly jugs of detergent, boxes of dryer sheets, etc. so I added my detergent to a drink dispenser. However, the cup from the washer that the detergent goes in wouldn’t fit under the dispenser, so I stole one of C’s serving trays to give it a little more height. I then noticed that after dispensing soap for the first time, there was still some inside of the nozzle that dripped out, so I repurposed this little owl dish that I already had to put underneath and catch any drips. In the other glass bottle is stain remover, and I used a mail organizer to hold my dryer sheets and color-catchers.


I purchased decorative boxes from IKEA to house sewing items, iron, and miscellaneous items. I then needed something to put our spare light bulbs in. Why these are kept in the laundry room, I don’t know, but that’s the way it’s always been and it works for us. I also had the jug of stain remover since it didn’t all fit in the glass bottle. So I wanted a bin that was tall enough that you wouldn’t see the top of the jug sticking out of the top. It took a while for me to find one the right size that I liked, until I coincidentally stumbled upon this one while doing some grocery shopping.


It was the perfect size. Unfortunately, once I got it loaded up and on the shelf, I just didn’t like it. I rearranged the shelves more times than I’d like to admit, putting the tote on the bottom shelf, top shelf, left, right, centered. It just didn’t work out. It did work out somewhere else though! The closet in our living room had been driving me batty because we had all these electrical chords and what-not just haphazardly on the shelf. It worked out perfectly for them!


But then I was back on the hunt for a laundry room bin. So naturally, I consulted Amazon. I had found a bin that I liked, but it didn’t quite have the height that I needed. But what it did have was a white cloth bag attached on the inside that would cinch closed at the top. It would’ve been a free return if I didn’t like it, so I took a shot. I loved it! I was able to close up the bag on the top so that it hides the junk inside and you can’t see the bright orange lid sticking out of the top from the stain remover jug.


The candle I stole from the guest bedroom, and the bowl is one that C made that I use to throw dryer lint and used dryer sheets in. Because I’m just too lazy to walk back and forth to the garbage can each time!

Now to the opposite wall… I didn’t like having to see the electrical panels, so I wanted a way to hide them, but still have them easily accessible. I knew the best way to do that would be with a canvas. But do you know how much artwork that big costs?? I got lucky and found one at Burlington one day. I’m not one to normally buy art with flowers, but it was the right size, the right colors, and super affordable, so I couldn’t pass it up. It looks so much better!


I always hated the shelf in there. I was with C when he bought it, but it was shortly after we started dating, I wasn’t living here yet, so it wasn’t really my place to say no. Now I’ve said no… Here’s why.

  1. It was hardly ever used. We hung the dog leashes on it, which were an eye-sore, and I would hang clothes to dry. That’s it.
  2. It stuck out about a foot or more. Washers and dryers are made bigger than they used to be, so ours don’t really fit in the space anymore. You may have noticed that they stick out in front of the window; our old ones didn’t. That’s another reason C wanted to make the counter-top, because he didn’t want it as deep as the washer and dryer; didn’t want the counter in front of the window. So between the appliances sticking out on one side and the shelf sticking out on the other, you didn’t have hardly any room to stand.

So we parted ways with the shelf. However, that left me with no place to hang clothes that weren’t dryer-friendly. Also, since I now have a place in there to fold clothes, I wanted a place to hang clothes. So I found this super handy contraption! It folds flat when not in use, but you can pull it out and have a hanging rod.


I had originally intended on hanging it directly across from the appliances, where the shelf used to be. But while it doesn’t take up much space, it’s not exactly pretty. It’s just a hunk of plastic, and we thought it’d look silly hanging by itself, so we wanted to hide it. We put it next to the canvas, that way when you look into the laundry room, you don’t see it, not until you walk in. It’s still close enough to the appliances for me to just reach over to hang things, I’m not having to walk back and forth. And if it’s wet clothes, I can hang them at the end of the rod so they don’t touch the art.

Last but not least, I added more greenery to the lip on the air handler. You can never have too much greenery, it just adds so much life to a space.


Overall, I am so happy with the way the room turned out! I wanted it to be very open, airy, clean, and crisp. While it’s a tight space, I wanted it to feel big, and I definitely think it does!

The only thing left is I’m debating making a valance for the window. I have enough leftover material from where I had to hem the new curtains in the kitchen and living room, but I just can’t decide if I want one. I don’t think I do, I think it just still looks odd to me since I took down the beach house sign that used to be over the window. So I’m giving it a little time before I do anything.

So what do you think? Do you feel like I achieved the open, airy, clean, and crisp look that I was going for? And guess what… I did this whole project with less than $200! That’s the best part! I’ll link as many products as I can below.

If you do or have done a makeover on your laundry room, I would love to see it! It may seem silly to put time and money into such a small area of your home, a space that isn’t used by guests. But the way I see it, we spend so much time in there, we might as well enjoy it and be happy with it! And I definitely am!


Items purchased

  • 2 shelves with brackets – IKEA – $34.99/ea
  • Drink dispenser – Walmart – $15.00 {I can’t find it on their website 😦 }
  • Bottle – TJ Maxx – $2.00
  • Mail organizer – Ross – $4.00
  • 3 boxes – IKEA – $7.99/ea
  • Canvas tote – Amazon – $13.99
  • Painting – Burlington – $15.00
  • Clothes hanger – Amazon – $16.66
  • Artificial grass in white ceramic pot – Burlington – $6.00

**I noticed while linking some of these items that the price has changed since I purchased them. I have listed the price from my invoice, the current price may be higher or lower.

Shopped my home

  • Countertop
  • Serving tray –
  • Owl dish
  • Bowl –
  • Tall floral arrangement
  • Candle {I purchased the candle holder from Bath & Body Works years ago}


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