Witch legs and mexicans.

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August 14th has been good to me. 

As I scrolled through my FB “on this day” this morning, I remembered what an exciting few years it’s been.

Two years ago today C and I crossed something off the bucket list and went to a drive-in movie! That wasn’t our first ‘first’ together, and definitely hasn’t been our last.

And I can’t believe it’s already been a year, but on August 14th, 2016, C proposed! The best day of my life thus far. The day the love of my life promised to be with me forever. A day I’ll never forget.

I can’t say much yet for 8/14/2017. It’s a Monday and I’m at work, so…

But the weekend was fun!

For starters, I had to pop in my local drugstore after work on Friday and decided to cruise the makeup isle while I was there. And while I wasn’t really looking at the tan-in-a-cans, this caught my eye and I could not quit laughing!


I don’t know how summer has been treating you, but it was 96 at our house Saturday with a ‘feels like’ temp of 102. And I hate the heat. So we decided to beat the heat and take a little road trip to go ice skating! We had a great time. I had only done it once, over 10 years ago, but C played hockey for many years. He told me that considering I can’t even walk properly most of the time, I did better than he expected. Thanks, babe…

And then I fell and pulled him down on top of me. Oops.

We went to a really good new-to-us BBQ place for dinner, then to a brewery, where I proceeded to sit on something sticky and get my butt stuck to the chair. Typical.

Last night we had mexican night at our house. Had the crew over, eight of us total, and had tacos, nachos, margaritas, and played Mexican Train. I even found a mexican playlist on Slacker, but C drew the line there. But I was in the spirit! Hehe..

I hope you had a great weekend! 🙂


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