I quit Facebook. It’s just so exhausting! I feel like it’s the same posts every single day:
“_____ lives matter”
[I’ll harass you until you] “buy my _____”
“We need to ban _____”

I spent so much time on there for no reason. I’d log on and scroll, scroll, scroll, but not read anything; and really just end up more aggravated than anything. Tell me I’m not alone?!

But I like to write, I love my life, and I love to share with people! So here I am. Me and my DIYs, traveling adventures, pictures of my adorable dog, religious thoughts, witty comments, and random little tidbits. Follow me or not, I’ll still be here {maybe talking to myself, but that’s okay}.

“There are no strangers here; only friends you haven’t met yet.” -William Butler Yeats

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